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  1. liam degnen

    hello erm where can i buy these toy's their epic

  2. RageTreb

    Is it too late to submit a question? Hope not. Here goes:

    Is there any chance of eventually seeing a figure of the demon Demo-Man? Maybe what he looked like before being fused with Keldor? I know that's probably not a question you'd be able to completely answer, but the reason I ask is because it's a character doesn't fall into any of the categories of MOTUC so far– produced figures, canceled figures, or characters that never got figures. He's sort of a combination of a concept figure mixed with a new lore, so it seems like he's not in the running to have a figure made, yet at the same time I could almost see it happening in a line that already has He-Ro, Wun-Dar and Mo-Larr.

    Err, feel free to just read the first sentence of that. Kind of rambled, sorry.

  3. gambit320

    Since Mattel is releasing some of the DCUC waves on their site now, what are the chances we might see some of the DCSH figures pop up in a similar manner?

  4. RM

    – When it comes time to make Clawful, would it be possible to make the articulation point in his large claw ratcheted/stepped, so he can maintain a solid “grip” or open claw without fear of looseness in such a small, and (sure to be) often used joint?

  5. Chris Sereno

    I have a mailed in Greedo in a sealed bag, boxed with a paper selling more star wars items. I got it when I was a kid and never opened it. I can't what it is worth anywhere or what year? Any help would I would appreciate/

  6. Will Mattel be releasing a schedule of future re-released MOTUC figures? I understand not setting a schedule for the regular line, but the reissues are already planned out, right?

  7. The Flash III


    Gold has accessories…he has a pick axe and circular saw hand attachments.

  8. Esbat

    @The Flash III: I see your point but its a great way for them to do wanted repaints of CnC figures. A Superfriends colored Solomon Grundy paired with a DC Infinte Heroes Atom could be easily done. And its not like they'll do it for every CnC, it wouldn't make sense to do this with metamorpho or Imperiex, but does make sense for Giganta, Chemo, etc.

  9. Megatherium

    Will the recently announced "Green Lantern Classics" be containing any of the OTHER colored Lantern Corps Characters [Blue, Red, Orange, etc.(without giving away any specifics)?

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