Contest > Choose Your Weapon (Prize: MOTUC Weapons Pak)

You too can turn your He-Man from a gray harness-wearing barbarian with only mild fashion issues to a full-blown atrocity that would drive Tim Gunn to use his namesake on himself. How, you ask? By winning the PGPoA “Choose Your Weapon” contest! The prize is a brand-spanking-new, still-in-the-white-mailer MOTUC Weapons Pak. (Read the official PGPoA review!)

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below naming your favorite action figure accessory of all time. Feel free to go into detail as to why it’s your favorite, but all you have to do to enter is name it and the figure it came with.


  1. Contest ends on Sunday, May 9th at 11:59pm.
  2. The winner will be selected at random.
  3. Only U.S. and Canadian residents are eligible. I know there are lots of Poesters in other countries and I love you all, but those shipping costs are getting painful.
  4. Only one entry per person. I check IPs and so forth, but really, just don’t be a jerk.


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  1. One accessory I'm keen on is the crutch that comes with Nose Ark (from the Gross Out Gang). The crutch is used to hold up his huge schnozz.

  2. Bianchi

    The hot toys biohazard weapons, together with scareglow cursed grayskull reliquary!

  3. Wes

    The water sled thingy that came with the Deep Dive Batman from Kenner's Batman Returns line was probably my favorite accessory — it was like the figure came with its own vehicle! Not that other figures didn't, but that was extremely rare for a regular offering (and that's all my parents would generally get for me).

  4. Andrew Davis

    Wasp's head from the marvel zombies minimate pack.

  5. Barbecue17

    The Traveling Bilbo Baggins figure from Toybiz's LOTR line was loaded w/ accessories: a walking stick, a bed roll, Sting, and the Red Book of Westmarch, but my favorite accessory is the door to Bag End. Yes, Bilbo comes with an in scale replica of the green door to Bilbo's home! How awesome is that?

  6. Thing

    Has to be the Doom throne/banners and hand holding the goblet from the Marvel Select (yes I had to go look that up) line. Every toy should have a chance to sit down in a throne and enjoy a nice cabaret.

  7. Demonicfirefly

    Id have to say the greatest accessory isnt just one but things like extra heads and armors that give you an excuse to buy multiple figures such as Nick Fury/shield agent and Maria Hill/Iron Man

  8. Billy

    My favorite accessory hands down would be Thunder Punch He-Man's back pack! How awesome is that? You can put a ring cap in the back of a toy and it pop's! Not just any toy, but He-Man!!

  9. Michael

    My favorite accessory, of recent memory at least, is Universe Cyclonus' Targetmaster partner: Nightstick. Cyclonus' gun transforms into a robot all his own? Win. Targetmasters rock, and this homage was really nicely executed, faithful to the originals.

  10. Mr. Yuck

    This is a really tough one, but I'm going to go with the Grayskull Reliquary that came with Scareglow for the MOTUC line. That accessory really has not only a great design, but there is still some mystery behind it's importance in the overall story.

  11. Josh

    Kryptonite that came with DCSH Lex Luthor. You can't have Superman getting out of control on the shelf.

  12. I always loved Skeletor's Dragon Blaster, you know the one that was attached to his back and squirted water, so much fun!

    Would love to win the grand prize, let the battle begin!

  13. James

    My favorite accessory was the coin that came with the Batman Forever Two-Face. The figure was lame but I bought it just for the coin. I carried that thing everywhere…until I lost it 🙁 but now I've got 4 Dark Knight Two face coins to make up for that one.

  14. Rich

    Over 100 comments…nothing like free stuff to get people crawling out of the woodwork eh? 😀

    Anyway, a personal favorite accessory of mine was the desk that came with the J. Jonah Jameson Spider-Man movie figure. Sure, the desk itself was nice, with an inbox and pencil holder and such, but it wasn't the best part. The best part was that having a desk come with the figure gave it "desk-pounding action!" Now how awesome and cheesy is that? Forget your karate chops, your rocket launching, your kicking, and everything else. J. Jonah had "desk-pounding action," and you just can't beat that.

  15. Garry

    Hmm, I would have to agree that Prince Adam as an accessory is one of the best ideas ever, but as far as my favourite accessory…I'd have to vote for Slime. whether it came with the slime pit, mutant slime pit, ecto-plasm ghosts, harry potter's slim chamber etc, it was the accessory that kept on giving and the only accessory that came with stuff that you could buy on it's own in case the original got messed up, I'd buy tubs at a time and fillup the Eternia Moat. good times.

  16. David Logan

    Wundar's bread. Can't top that one. Well played

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