DCUC Wave 15 revealed

Mattel has posted pics of Wave 15 on their Facebook page, but since I a.) love you guys, and b.) assume you’re all as lazy as I am, I’ll reproduce them here. (Pics after the jump.)

And there you go, folks. Your DCUC Martian Manhunter is here. I must admit that, as much as I caught up on DC Comics a few years back, I don’t even know what the pink MM is supposed to be, and who the brain-dude is.


Pic of the Day


Pic of the Day


  1. Diego Zubrycky

    Martian Manhunter! Sweet!

    I really liked Validus as well. He's great. Creatures with exposed brains are a must have for me. 🙂

    Sinestro Batman face's sculpt is fine to me… It's better than reuse the same old and neutral face again. Variety is the spice of life.

  2. AJ

    I am extremely disappointed with this wave, to the point where I'm seriously considering quitting the line after I get my Martian Manhunter. It's important to note that I've never made a conscious decision to quit a line ever, but I am just so disappointed with the continued lack of effort when it comes to these toys. They could be so much better if the Four Horsemen were allowed to go all out on them, but they can't because Mattel is cheap and wants as much reuse as possible. The underwhelming execution of wave 12 was a major disappointment for me (resulting in me not picking up figures of characters I was desperately waiting for like the Spectre), but this might be the breaking point for me.

    Almost as disappointing here is that the figure with the most new tooling–Jack Knight Starman–looks all wrong. The whole point of Jack Knight was that he didn't look like a traditional super hero, but here he is all 'roided up and looking ready to bust heads. Even though I have the old DC Direct figure, I was considering upgrading if the Mattel version was good enough. Unfortunately it's not.

    My faith in DC Universe Classics was partially restored when I got the new Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle. But it looks like great figures like that will continue to be few and far between with this line.

  3. toyman2581

    @The Flash III:

    Ain't that the truth. I figured since they've done pretty much all the big boys that the second-stringers were taking over. Which is fine, but to me, some of them are just silly and not interesting. I'm hoping we get more of The Flash Rogues and other major villains. The DCSH line was great but we need new sculpts of Mr. Freeze, Killer Croc, and a C&C Doomsday.

  4. Heli

    @americanhyena: Yes, Jemm does have Pizzaz. He Roxys up a Stormer! That Minx will cause fans to Riot in Rapture!

  5. LOL, we love you too Poe. LOL.

  6. Zulkifli

    i wonder if the modern starman has removable goggles.it would be cool to have him pose with goggles over his eyes.

  7. Snakeeyes22

    I'm a bit torn over the way variants are done. I really dig how different and unique the Starmen are, like the Parademons and Steppenwolf, but that makes it much harder to pass one up! The variant heads I feel should both be packed with one figure, the rare one is often only preferrable because it's rarer. I'm surprised Jemm wasn't the MM variant, actually.

    I was hoping for Zebra Batman!! I do like the modern style cowl on this. Maybe a less pissed version of this will be used from now on.
    Raven looks great. I'd be more excited if Beast Boy hadn't eluded me and Starfire wasn't a Matty exclusive.
    OMAC, like Kamandi is someone I don't really want, but I'm glad they exist. Seeing DCUC get MORE obscure than DCD is something I never expected.

    Golden Pharoah has translucent parts. That's all I needed to know.

  8. Darren

    Thanks for posting these pic's Mr.Ghostal. (You have assumed correctly BTW, I am a lazy man.) If you come by any pic's of the upcoming Walmart Green Lantern 5 pack they would also be greatly appreciated!

    I have to say that I like the yellow Sinestro Batman a lot better than the comic accurate version. Yellow makes mores sense than blue. Honestly after seeing the yellow Sinestro Batman I wish they had made a yellow variant of the Cyborg Superman.

  9. The Flash III

    @toyman2581: If it's not your cup of tea, you'd better get used to it. There plowing through the B and C-listers.

    And maybe it's my screen resolution, but I still say Jemm is not pink…not that there's anything wrong with that! Haha!

  10. Griffin

    I don't see the thigh swivel on Raven. Wonder if thats just a prototype thing, or if she will have a hidden hip swivel like Teela or Giganta.

    Anyway, I'll get MM for sure, and I really like both Starmen oddly enough. No interest in SC Batman, OMAC, or Jemm at all. GP looks pretty good actually, but I'll still pass. I'll wait and see on Raven.

  11. americanhyena


    The way you phrased that was brilliant.

  12. toyman2581

    This is the first wave of DCUC that will make being a completist bite me in the ass.

    MM is great and I preordered the set with both versions from BBTS. Sinestro Corps Batman is sweet, Golden Pharoah is cool because of Super Powers and Raven is ok but the rest of them aren't that exciting.

  13. Sinestro Bat existed for one panel. Basically, a S-CORPS ring found him, said, "hey, you'd be a great member of a group based on instilling fear…oh, wait. You pal around with a Green Lantern. Conflict of interest. Never mind."

    The ring then took off, leaving Batman saying "what the hell was that?"

  14. Nightboomfer

    When did that Sinestro Bats show up? Do you think this means we might get a Sinestro Scarecrow at some point?

  15. I only really want my favorite Martian but Golden Pharaoh and Jemm look kind of cool.

  16. Mysterious Stranger

    I'll get J'onn because he looks really cool. I'd be happy with either version but I ordered the regular from BBTS.

    Sinestro Batman is a must for me, even if he's not comic accurate. He just looks too evil to pass up on. If I find another in stores I can repaint him into a Red Lantern pretty easily too.

    I preordered Raven because she looks decent and will display nicely. Even though I'm not a Titans fan, she'll look good next to Nightwing.

  17. Motorthing

    And now the circle is at last complete…..

    MM is finally a reality and I can pretty much die happy and give Matty the final one-finger salute as I go if by some miracle I manage to get one.

    Once this year's MOTUC Sub expires and I have Jonn that's it, I'm out. Free….FREEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

    On a genuinely sad note this may well be the last 6" Superhero I ever get. I'm sure there may be the odd one off but looking at what has been in the last couple of waves I'm not hopeful.

  18. MldMnrdReporter

    @The Flash III: He's not technically a different species though. Red Saturians and their cousins, Yellow Saturians, are artificially created decedents of Green and White Martians.

  19. americanhyena

    Validus is definitly built on Brimstone/Kilowog body.

    I really truly have to admit that I am utterly baffled by people bitching about the costume design on Sinestro Corp Batman. It was one freakin' panel and I'd infinitely prefer that he actually match the rest of the Sinestro Corp figures in uniform. (Plus the construct batarang and new head are awesome). I'll admit though that I hope he gets reduced back to his standard body size.

    I also really like the cape on Raven as I think it makes her stand out a lot more.

    Jemm looks awesome (that's way closer to red than pink btw :-p) and I especially like the new hands. It's amazing how new hand molds can really add an extra little pizzaz to a figure (Spectre, Deadman, Fate and Eclipso being great examples).

    Loving Golden Paroah and both of the Starmen.

    Standard Martian Manhunter came out beautifully. I was honestly expecting a little bit more of a drastic difference in his Martian form head sculpt (I've always thought of it has much more angular looking) so whatever his "weapon hand" is will be what makes or breaks the variant for me.

    As for OMAC…yeah. He's going right to the back of the display and when I run out of room he'll be the first into storage. No fault of the figure, it's just always been an ugly design.

  20. George

    I really like Jemm, he seems like a perverted version of J'onn; which appeals to me because every toy line needs a toy-offender. 🙂

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