Happy Optikk Day!

Here’s a link to today’s all-in-one page. Remember, you should login to your account before the screen-of-death begins, so that you can skip that step during the ordering.

Here’s what’s on sale:

Any guesses as to how long Optikk, Tytus and Mer-Man will each last?


Pic of the Day


Pic of the Day


  1. joe bob

    Got Mer Man: All I want!!!

  2. monkey boy

    anybody have an extra optikk or two-face? pretty please?

  3. @Nicholai: Nope, but those guys are available at TRU, TRU’s website and various other outlets if you want them.

  4. Dankone

    @Thomas B: Same here… Lost out on Tytus. Card Auth Error! Called Matty… They said it was my bank… No it was your shitty website. Seriously? Funny how my card worked for the sub! And every other figure I ever purchased! Total BS… But at least it was just Tytus. I'm sure I'll be able to score one somewhere. Still you would think that all the problems would have been ironed out by now.

  5. Nicholai

    @Newton Gimmick: I don't think I want all of them, but I've been considering picking up a Superman and Lex Luthor for my Superman collection though I'd have to decide whether to keep them in the package or not.

  6. @doubledumbassonyou–It’s because deep down we know Matty really does love us, and he doesn’t mean to hurt us. It’s our fault really, we provoke him sometimes, but I don’t think we’ll have any problems in the future.

  7. Dan C.

    Didn’t bother with Optikk today but a friend is picking up a Tytus figure for me.

    In June, if there is a fast sell out for She-Ra we’ll never really know if the production increase is a lie or truth since both Keldor and her are immensely popular. You’ll probably get a record time sell out like the other A-listers: He-Man, Skeletor, and Adora. Teela should be A-list but she hung around for quite awhile last year.

    July would be more telling since Marzo is a in-demand 200X character that has never seen plastic before. Anyway, enough with my useless analysis as a amateur Mel Kiper who gets everything wrong.

  8. dayraven

    well… it our fault. we're clumsy. and we just can't seem to stay upright on those stairs, cuz we get vertigo. but we know matty wouldn't do this to us if they didn't love and us and want us to be better.

  9. I'm so grateful that I have no emotional attachment to MOTUC. I really do enjoy coming into these It's "BLAH BLAH" Day threads. To hear your collective lament is quite humorous. Just like battered wives, you just can't quit Matty Collector.

  10. Reverend Ender

    I too was thwarted by my card not authorizing, which apparently is caused by Optikk selling out. Super! PLUS I got a talking to at my job for trying to order figures while working (and I WAS working at the same time.) Thanks Mattel! You die now!

  11. Thomas B

    well i missed tytus due to my card not being authorized correctly for some reason.

    it is weird since my card is the same one i used to buy every single figure so far.

    hell, my card was just used for my optikk sub figures.

  12. Well, maybe <del>Walter Peck</del> the Ghost Containment Unit was in the cards for me afterall! 😉

  13. americanhyena

    Not sure when exactly, but Two-Face sold out sometime before 4:00 PM pacific.

  14. @Philip Reed: A lot more people would get to actually enjoy them as toys if Mattel would release them in TRU instead of letting BBTS and scalpers order loads.

    Its this crap that made me sell my MOTUC figures.

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