Jazwares put their A-team on, uh, the A-Team

Jazwares announced their A-Team movie toys the other day, and the 3¾” line looks pretty good. I’ll say this–their product looks a lot better than what Playmates did for Terminator and Star Trek last year. If the new A-Team‘s a success, Jazwares may just have a hit on their hands.

Of course, I think the question on all our minds is: is there any chance of a vintage A-Team line as well?

More pics at TNI.


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  1. Lemongelo

    So now that most people have had a chance to see how bad these look in person, is anyone surprised? Jazwares = crap on a shocker toys level of bad. Why anyone expected these to look great after seeing what they haven't done with the Mortal Kombat line and more recently the Percy Jackson movie figures is beyond me. I wouldn't be surprised if it was their employees trying to talk them up.

    These things are WORSE than the Terminator and Star Trek toys that are still clogging shelves a year later.

    Bad paint apps on the figures, not to mention how bad the facial sculpts look on a few, rubber weapons they can't even hold, and hip articulation that doesn't want to stay together.

    Oh, and the van is an overpriced cheaply made POS. Really, the rubber side doors can't even stay on the van? Not to mention the 5 sound effects taking up that much room so that there is NO BACK TO THE VAN!?!? How is this better than what Remco did 25+ years ago? Bucket seats make it better? I don't think so. Everyone would like to see good A-Team figures made but these aren't them. This is like expecting 25th style Joes and getting Joe Vs Cobra. With Sound Attack vehicle.

  2. Diego Zubrycky

    Vintage figures, please.

  3. @Newton Gimmick: Sorrt to disagree but there is no way one of the other characters look the same as the originals, a few vague similarities in the costume but the faces ar sooooooo difirent.

    These are good figres and I hope they do well but I really want some vintage style figures as to me and everyone else they are the real A-Team.

  4. Motorthing

    So, it's everybody wait to buy the Van on clearance and nobody is going to buy the figures cos they aint the originals – check!

    Sounds like an outstanding piece of market research there Jazwares…….well done.

  5. Darren

    IMHO the van was the best actor in the original show. Depending on the price I may pick it up. Honestly I'm not too impressed with the figures and I will probably pass on them.

  6. Dead Man Walking

    @Poe: I don't think kids care that much about articulation. I mean as kids we were happy with 6 joints on our MOTU and as little as none on our TF's. From Super Hero Sqaud to Bakugan to Hasbro's Spider-man line all these kid targeted lines have little articulation.

    Adults will be pleased with the extra articulation, but they won't buy enough to keep these out of the clearance bin.

    The van is kind of cool, but BBTS has it at $35, and even at $30 I think it's too much.

  7. Thomas B

    i'll buy these. they do not look half bad.

    i'd love it if they released versions of the originals as well.

    Thank god they do not have T crotches and are closer to joes.

  8. Honestly they don't need to do a vintage line. Just a vintage BA. Everyone else looks exactly the same. But UFC guy is NOT MR.T!

    I don't really understand why the coolest guy in the A-Team was the one who got the redesign.

    I guess cause T was just playing himself.

  9. Poe

    @Hero Hunt: Well, for starters, I'm pretty sure the articulation on these is better than the Playmates stuff. At the very least they don't have T-crotches. That can make a big difference in play value.

  10. I completely disagree. Besides the Van, I think these look exactly like what Playmates did for Terminator and Star Trek last year. I think we will see these sell about as well as those did also, meaning that the clearance shelves will be packed full of these. I would love to be proven wrong though.

  11. I♥Animeskeles

    I pity da foo who don't buy that van!

    They look better than what I expected.

  12. @Archer1120: Agreed. Clutch will be behind the wheel of that thing about 20 minutes after I first see it in a store.

  13. Archer1120

    I'm pretty happy they're in 3.75 inch scale so my Joes can borrow BA's van!

  14. Dead Man Walking

    Up close I think those figures look Playmates-level quality.

    Even if the movie is a hit, I sincerely doubt the figures will catch fire. They just don't have enough panache. I assume the line will be several variants of the Team, along with a few business suit-clad bad guys–just the kind of snorer of a line that would destine these for the clearance bin.

  15. Nicholai

    I think they need to put out the original A-Team too just as Iron Man toys have the "comic series" and such.

    They do look much better than I thought they would.

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