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  • So as everyone probably knows by now, the Four Horsemen have teamed up with toy legend Mel Birnkrant and Matt Doughty of Onell Design (makers of the Glyos figures) to bring back the 1960s sci-fi toy line The Outer Space Men. I was going to do a write-up about it, but NoisyDvL5 already wrote the definitive post about the whole thing. Damn whippersnappers totally stealing my thunder and taking advantage of my laziness. Anyway: my opinion. Like many, I have no nostalgic attachment to the property, but retro-looking 1960s aliens are something most self-respecting geeks should appreciate. 3 3/4″ isn’t my favorite scale but was probably inevitable given current production costs. The decision to work with Onell Design was a savvy move on everyone’s part. So will I be buying these? Definitely–they look great and represent a great step for everyone involved. Also, if it’s successful, perhaps the Four Horsemen will be able to license Power Lords from Revell…
  • Speaking of the Outer Space Men, look for some cool features about it here on the site soon.
  • He-Man.org has a revealing interview with Mattel brand manager (and recent new dad) Scott Neitlich, a.k.a. Toyguru. I didn’t realize Adora’s laser pistol was based on Teela’s gun from the 1987 movie.
  • Super He-Fan James Eatock, a.k.a. Busta Toons, is publishing an unofficial guide to the Filmation He-Man cartoon. Eatock’s blog is necessary reading for any He-Fan, and the book will no doubt be great, too.
  • I added a new plugin called WPTouch that optimizes PGPoA for Iphones/Ipod Touches. I think it’s pretty cool, but it does prevent you from seeing the site as it looks on the Web. Has anyone else tried it out yet? Thoughts?
  • Pre-review roundup: Fwoosh has Optikk, Walter Peck and Tytus; AFI has Tytus; CoolToyReview has Optikk; Pixel Dan has Optikk and Tytus. Disappointing discovery: Tytus has swivels at the shoulders and neck, not ball joints.


Pic of the Day


Pic of the Day


  1. Thomas B

    Hey POE:

    i can't view your site on my phone anymore. have you changed anything?

  2. I am totally unimpressed with Tytus.

    The original figure was better in so many ways, Mattel should just have reissued it (and Megator) instead….then those of us that only collect the vintage figures would have something to buy.

  3. Reverend Ender

    Don't enjoy the navigation on the WPTouch. I visit the site on my iphone and I just wind up shutting off the WPTouch option at the bottom of the screen. What can I say, Poe? Your site rocks the way it is!

    Also, passing on Tytus due to lack of articulation and having no interest in the figure/character. Will definitely try for Optik because even though I never watched New Adventures, the figure looks so cool!

  4. dayraven

    @RM: yup, that's what said, how can you have a giant who can't look down? how does he even know where he's aiming the whack a mole?

    you know, something else to think about w/ tytus… that nose piece. first off, on a headband, it's not protecting his nose from anything. second, i understand that eternian physics means even the lowliest local can leap 15 yards in the air, but he lives up there, and being huge, his ability to perceive his environment must be lighting fast and razor sharp… so best of luck leaping up to hit him, he's be knocking guys into the next hemisphere before they were in ANY danger of hurting him. but that means that nose piece leaves him w/ a nasty blind spot right between his eyes… not exactly strategic.

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