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  1. I HademAll

    Way back when , on a Saturday morning comic book & Creepy magazine run,I rode my bike to the local SAV-ON and stumbled into these bendie spacemen for the first time. I dumped every penny I had to get "Colossus Rex" .

    I sped back to my neighborhood to show my new treasure to my buddies and to gather as much money as possible to go back and buy more! Thirty minutes later six of us kids had pretty much wiped out the rack the toys were displayed on.

    I simply agree with "Mark" that a "vintage re-issue " will have vastly more appeal to me for the intrinsic nostalgic charm. I am NOT interested in any "re-do' it just ain't the same…. " I HAD 'EM ALL!"

  2. @Mark: An actual reissue has a lot more nostalgic charm to people that had them originally back in the late 60’s.

    I'm not so sure that holds true. When they re-released the original TMNT I could have really cared less. I think there's something to be said about vintage reissue versus modern remakes. However like Poe said, it all depends on your point of view I guess.

    For instance with the commemorative edition MOTU figures released in the early 2000's, they were cool and all, and I certainly picked up my share, but since I still had 'em all in a box up in my attic I didn't really get that dose of nostalgia… if I were to be asked now would I rather a re-issue vintage He-Man or a MOTUC He-Man, it'd definitely be MOTUC.

    When I got the TRU exclusive Commemorative Edition G1 Optimus Prime that came out way back, I was so elated to finally have Optimus Prime. Up until then I only had Ultra Magnus and Power Master, plus a couple of the of the BW Primals. Looking back, as neat as I thought Classics Prime was, I don’t think that could have replaced the excitement from getting G1 Prime.


  3. I'm ready to pump cash into these when they're released. Gonna get me lots of new bits! I wouldn't argue about a straight reissue, though.

  4. Thing

    Can't wait for the Glyos compatible release of these guys!

  5. @Paul: Same here.

  6. I bought the star wars bend ums back in the day because they weren't making regular star wars action figures. I like to think it helped Kenner decide to re-do star wars again, seeing how those used to do well when there wasn't anything else.

  7. Poe

    @Mark: Fair enough.

  8. @Poe: Everyone canot have the same opinion on toys. I can't say i'd be to interested in them either but if I had a choice between a vintage reissue and one of the upcoming 4H 3.3/4" pieces I would pick the vintage. An actual reissue has a lot more nostalgic charm to people that had them originally back in the late 60's.

  9. Bah. Power Lords was much better.

  10. Poe

    @Dead Man Walking: Or none at all. You're going to find that many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view.

  11. Dead Man Walking

    @Poe: but they have SO MUCH articulation!

  12. Poe

    @Mark: Why? I would never buy a bendy toy.

  13. The 4h should just reissue them instead of 3.3/4" versions.

  14. MechaShiva

    I'd buy these molds even if they don't update these guys.They would fit so well with the vinyl toy collector crowd.And I woul sooo buy space angel David Hasselhoff on the upper left.

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