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The Warlord – Remco by cobra.creations


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  1. It took me forever to get one of those, although I didn't get the sword. Kinda silly figure, but DC Direct made one a while back that was OK. (It was the reboot look.)

  2. Poe

    @MechaShiva: Warlord and Green Arrow did meet once.

  3. The Flash III

    @MechaShiva: It would be, until it becomes "last beard standing." Then it would be pure awesome.

  4. MechaShiva

    Would it be funny if Warlord,Green Arrow and Deathstroke meet each other.

  5. Dead Man Walking

    Warlord is my most wanted DCUC figure, as he would fit in perfectly with my SDCC 200X He-Man staction (and other 200X figures and stactions), much like the World of Warlord figures fit in perfectly with the original MOTU figures.

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