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frankenpunker02 by Fuyoh!


Batman: Arkham Asylum figures possibly awesomest things ever made by DCD


Review > Dr. Mid-Nite (DC Universe Classics)


  1. Nightboomfer

    Frankenpunker+Skull Jack Parts+Alpha Ranger Head/Guns= ML Scale Frankencastle

    I gotta get me some Xevoz now

  2. finkrod

    Still have all my Xevoz thankfully. Along with Stikfas & the big G.I. Joe Sigma 6 figures, this was my favorite line in recent memory.

  3. Dark Angel

    Oh, Poe…it's so bittersweet to see this, as I love Xevoz and like to see others still value it, too…but am reminded of how heartbreakingly the whole thing went down. Still have all of mine, still have them on display…

    I have that exact fellow (wearing his more traditional "Frankenstein"-ish parts) sitting on my desk at work.

  4. Best. Toyline. Ever.

    I had almost a complete set of the entire series and then enough doubles to make me look absolutely insane.

    All parts were interchangeable and all joints were true ball joints. I'm still pissed at myself that I ended up selling my collection five years ago before heading off to college.


  5. holy crap… where the hell was I during the whole Xevoz thing? if i came upon this in the toy aisle today i'd but it without a second thought!

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