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365 Toy Project, Two 157_365 – Iron Man Juggernaut Upgrade armor by shadowowl


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  1. ShadowOwl

    It's a ridiculous gun. If he got even within a mile I suspect he'd be creamed by the Juggernaut because he couldn't get out of the way fast enough.

    POE Ghostal: Glad you liked my picture. Thanks for choosing it as your pic of the day.

  2. Megatherium

    I'm not too sure how effective that gun would be against Juggernaut. My Guess: Not very, unless it somehow removed his helmet.

  3. @Barbecue17: Are you sure that's not a camera? Maybe Iron Man is about to take some action shots.

  4. Barbecue17

    That has to be the most cumbersome Iron Man armor ever. That is a pretty huge, freaking gun, though.

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