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While removing a bullet from a witness to a crime, Dr. Charles McNider was blinded by a grenade meant to silence his patient. During recovery from his injuries, McNider was startled when an owl crashed through his window. Removing his bandages to investigate, He could see in perfect darkness. He later found out that he could not see in daylight and developed special goggles and “black-out” bombs to help him see in light and fight crime. He adopted the owl, “Hooty,” and joined the Justice Society of America to continue his fight against evil.

Packaging: In celebration of DC Comics’ 75th Anniversary, Wave 12 marks the switchover to a new theme and an updated package design. Rather than featuring comic book art for only the characters appearing in a given wave, the packaging is showcasing a rotating cast of characters. In addition each figure also comes with an anniversary button featuring classic DC art.

Design & Sculpt: As with most DCUC figures, Dr. Mid-Nite is based on his “classic” look. While some Dr. Mid-Nite is re-use of pre-existing parts he does sport some new tooling. There are a small number of areas where Mattel could have cut corners, but fortunately they didn’t, and its the small details that help this figure. Dr. Mid-Nite’s vest is sculpted into separate pieces: upper & lower torso, and the bottom with his belt. Had they stuck with a standard buck and given him a solid vest, a la Iron’s tunic, it would have rendered his ab-crunch joints useless.

I’m pretty happy with the head sculpt; his face has more or less a blank expression, but he’s sort of looks like he’s gritting his teeth. I like the fact that they sculpted the goggles onto his head rather than making them a separate piece. We’ve seen glued on goggles with characters like Booster Gold and Eradicator, and I think overall they end up looking a little bit too toy-ish. The cape is also well implemented; I like how it’s all bunched up around his shoulders. No matter how many capes the Four Horsemen sculpt they manage to keep them unique and interesting to each charater.

Plastic & Paint: Dr. Mid-Nite’s parts are molded in their respective color so there is very little in terms of paint apps except for the details such as his face, half moons, and belt. This is an area where Mattel really could have cheapened out, but to their credit the half moon buttons and belt are sculpted on rather than painted.There are a few specks of paint here and there around the halfmoons, but those can be easily removed. Still, they’re annoying.

Dr. Mid-Nite sports the standard DCUC articulation: a ball jointed head (with limited swivel articulation), ball-and-hinge joints at the shoulders, H-hinges at the hips, standard hinges at the elbows, knees, torso, and ankles, and swivels at the biceps, wrists, waist, and lower thighs. Dr. Mid-Nite also features a first for DCUC articulation, swivels at the calves, similar to that seen on MOTUC figures. It’s not a huge addition, but it’s a nice touch. Though, I would have rather had full use of the ball jointed head. Also it should be noted that the lower part of his vest slightly impedes the hip articulation, but it’s nothing drastic.

Dr. Mid-Nite is accompanied by his trusty owl, Hooty. Hooty is nicely sculpted & painted, plus he fits nice and snug on Mid-Nite’s arm and he even includes swivel neck articulation.  The Wave 12 Collect & Connect character is Darkseid, Dr. Mid-Nite comes with Darkseid’s left arm. Finally Dr. Mid-Nite includes the DC Collector’s pin featuring vintage DC artwork

Quality Control: I’m afraid my Dr. Mid-Nite is a victim of the dreaded dynamic package pre-posing. When I removed the figure from the package, his left leg was warped. I’m not sure if this was due to the quality of plastic used or the pre-posing itself, either way it really hurt this figure a lot in my eyes. After a warm bath in some boiling water to re-set the leg and a quick dip in some ice water to cool it quickly the leg seems fine.

Overall: Dr. Mid-Nite features a lot of great new tooling by the Four Horsemen, and represents yet another addition to the JSA ranks. I admit that I wanted to like this figure a lot more than I do, but with the warped leg out-of-package and a head that can’t look up or down, it really sours the milk. If he were an A-list character I may have been a bit more disappointed, but because he is already relative unknown in my book, he’ll gets a pass. The unique tooling boosts up his score, but  he will most likely be relegated to obscurity at the back of my shelf.

[raven 2.5]


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  1. Diego Zubrycky

    Great review! He, Iron and the Glow in the Dark Spectre are on my wish list.

  2. I would not mind picking up Iron from this wave and of course everyone should have a Darkseid. For myself though I do not like enough of the other characters or figures to pick up anyone else from the wave. Great review and a good looking figure.

  3. captainzero

    Oh, man,… I really liked THE SPECTRE and DOCTOR MID-NITE!! They go well with DOCTOR FATE, WILDCAT, GRUNDY…AND (coming) GREEN LANTERN, HOUR-MAN, …and all those "JSAers" that come– including THE ULTRA-HUMANITE, and STARMAN.

    THANKS, 4H…AND MATTEL!! These are great.

  4. The Flash III


    I have to disagree about Darkseid. I think the DCSH version had more of a stony look to it, where the C&C was too light and the "cracks" painted into him looked crappy. Also, his tunic looks a bit too much like a mini skirt and the belt looks a little too shiny and new. Nonetheless, his size is impressive and I like the killing glove a lot.

  5. toyman2581


    I'm with you all the way. Wave 12 has been one of my favorites in terms of characters and I cannot figure out how it gets so many negative comments. I can't speak for quality since I haven't opened them all yet (no room at the inn) but the choice of characters is fantastic. Dr. Mid-Nite, Eclipso, Iron, and especially the Spectre all rock.

    Speaking of the negative comments that 12 gets, I'm amazed at the POSITIVE comments that 13 gets. Superboy is great and Negative man is cool to add to the Doom Patrol. classic Cheetah is ok but modern Cheetah is meh and Donna Troy should be in her current costume. Blue Devil and Cyclotron are also pretty meh even if Cyclotron is a Super Powers throwback. And I really don't like the Jamie Blue Beetle. The figure is fine but I don't care about the character at all.

  6. Motorthing

    Another solid review – just a shame it's another one in this wave I don't need to own. I picked up the BAF (CnC mens something to me from my old Service days so I dont use that term) pretty cheaply which meant saving dough on not having to buy the filler I didn't want. Darkseid rocks!!!

  7. AmericanHyena

    @George: @PrfktTear:

    I have both and while the DCSH Darkseid is quite good, the C&C one is superior in every way. The C&C is better articulated, has a better head sculpt, has more accessories, and errs on the side of being too big (where the DCSH one is too small).

    And I have to strongly disagree about the quality of Wave 12. Even if the characters are more obscure than usual, the figures themselves are some of the best they've ever done, with each getting attention to small details that make them pop (Iron's weapons and tunic, Spectre and Eclipso's new hand sculpts, the facial expressions' on Copperhead and Eclipso, the new tunic torso for Mid-Nite).

    The only figure with any major flaw is Mary's legs being too long and I even like her better than I thought I would.

  8. George

    @PrfktTear: I agree with you 100 perecnt, and also I forgot to say how good of a job you do with these reviews, you already know I'm a fan.

  9. Nicholai

    Hooty makes him worthwhile!

  10. Great review as always. I'm not sure I like his classic uniform. I think I prefer his modern uniform, not that there's that much difference.

  11. PrfktTear

    @George: Character wise Wave 12 was a little on the "meh" side even if there were a couple good ones.. If it wasn't for the Darkseid C&C I would have probably only picked up Copperhead and maybe The Spectre. I wasn't around for DSCH, so I didn't get the DCSH Darkseid, and since I have a penchant for C&C's, I couldn't refuse, even if picking up the DCSH version would have been a cheaper alternative.

  12. Fengschwing

    Nice review, as ever, Mr Tear.

    The classic Golden Age look is nice but I would of prefered the newer version. Still, I shall nab him to add to my JSA line-up.

  13. George

    I don't want to say hes one of the better ones in the wave, but I pretty much already said it. Wave 12 was garbage and the Cnc sucked. Oh Well.

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