And the September MOTUC figure is… (updated w/ pic)

Chief Carnivus.

It was just revealed (via ImpHolocron) at the “Big Toy Industry” panel at Wizard World Philadelphia, as Masters of the Universe was inducted into the ToyFare Hall of Fame.

Who is Chief Carnivus, you ask? He’s a character from the Mike Young Productions 2003-2004 series. He make brief appearances in two season one episodes, “Dragon’s Brood” and “Turnabout,” and has a larger role in the season two episode “Second Skin.” Nonetheless, he remains a relative unknown to all but diehard MOTU fans.

To paraphrase Conan O’Brien: Chief Carnivus, your life is about to change.

Other news: Weapons Pack 2 in October, King Grayskull/Army Builder 2-Pack in November

Pic (again thanks to ImpHolcron):


Doc Thomas Probes > Holy Grails


Any questions for Mattel?


  1. Damien

    Here's my problem with Carnivus: He doesn't seem to… fit.

    I had the same problem with Marzo.

    I love MOTU, and the idea of adding more characters to my shelves is always exciting. In fact, I like the idea of including 2002 characters that never existed before. Doing so just adds more depth to the mythos I love so much.

    However, I just don't feel they're doing all they can to make those figures 'feel' like they could have been in the '80s line.

    That was, after all, how it was marketed to us; All characters would be designed as upgrades to what the figure would have looked like if it existed in the '80s.

    Grayskull was right on. Keldor too. Marzo not so much. And Carnivus looks even more out of place. Of course, that's just my OPINION.

    I think a big part of it is the accessories. They don't look very 'classic-style' to me. Quite the opposite – Marzo and Carnivus's swords look -VERY- '2002' in style. Marzo's headsculpt is way off-base, and I feel similarly about Carnivus.

    Thing is, I really -want- to want these figures. Believe me. But I don't feel they'll look right in my collection. And that's a huge disappointment to me (although my bank account is probably happy about it).

  2. Mario

    @Wyngarde: Don't worry, they'll get to Ram-Man, & he'll be great I'm sure.

    @Matt K: I could not agree more. Mattel should do some Fuerza-T, as well as some good ol' Remco, Sewco, Sungold & Soma stuff. It'd be so killer. I'd even love if they found a way to incorporate the Select Ninja Assassin/Defender characters as well.

  3. I like him. I think they've done a great job with him. 🙂

    Can't wait to get him!

  4. Wyngarde

    @Newton Gimmick: Kamandi, The Last Boy On Earth (DC Comics)

  5. Wyngarde

    While it is a great sculpt and figure, it's not what I really want. I'd rather the work and effort go into Ram-Man or many other classics figure that are still not made. I really would hate to see this line go the 200x route. While I enjoyed it's run, It's got nothing on the classics. Most likely, this guy will be sitting in the box next to Marzo. The last few months had better be dynamite…

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