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A few weeks ago, Brian Adams of Cool and Collected decided to find out what all the fuss was about by attempting to order a MOTUC Keldor off He succeeded, and he wrote up his experiences in a post on his blog:

I understand how difficult it can be to run a web site (but I can only imagine what it’s like to run a successful one). The conspiracy theorist in me thinks that Mattycollector may be intentionally making this process difficult to build up the hype machine and make their items appear more scarce and collectible than they might otherwise be. Or maybe they really do just have a lousy processing setup.

Much like securing 50-yard line tickets to the big game, there is an inherent competitiveness going on here, where part of the fun is the bragging rights you get if you actually manage to reach the final checkout page with all your items.

Brian successfully got himself a Keldor and Peter Venkman, but failed to get a She-Ra. The good news (for you) is that Brian doesn’t want the Keldor, and has offered it to the winner of a contest run right here on PGPoA.

From the author’s own collection. Winner’s prize will arrive in sealed mailer.

So here it is! Totally ripping off a contest by Topless Robot last week, I want you to write up some Tweets from Snake Mountain. Just write 1-3 tweets in a comment below, staying within the 140 character limit for each one. Funny Twitter names are highly encouraged.

Here’s an example:

Skelepimp1813: LOL dumbass RT @raqquillrqazz tried 2 hatch dragon egg, but it broke when i sat on it

(Note: you don’t need to use the names in my example–I encourage you to make up new ones.)


  1. One entry per person, consisting of 1-3 tweets in a single comment.
  2. Each tweet must follow the standard Twitter conventions: no more than 140 characters (not counting the name of the Tweeter), use of @ (example: @Skelepimp1813) to represent a reply, # (example: #evilwarriors) to represent a topic, RT to represent a re-tweet, and so forth. Failure to follow these rules will disqualify you, but you might get an honorable mention.
  3. The winning entry will be selected by Brian and me, based on whichever one we like best. Honorable mentions will be listed in the announcement post for the winner.
  4. Only U.S. and Canadian residents are eligible.
  5. PGPoA writers, Poe’s and Brian’s friends & family not eligible.
  6. Contest ends on Sunday, June 27 at 11:59pm.


Any questions for Mattel?


Pic of the Day


  1. @Lundgrenade: Locked in Snake Mountain elevator for two hours with Stinkor. I can't see anymore. (2 mins ago)

    @Lundgrenator: I apprehended Stinkor chasingPanthor with candy and flowers after white paint striped his back. (5 mins ago)

  2. Dan

    RandyOrNot: @RainbowWarrior You can raise my staff and exult in my rule anytime!

    SAVEthePRINCESS: PoPped off at my bro and lost my head!

    BreadBoxBoy: @GreenBean Wondering what you're nodding at.

  3. 3B

    RiteHndMan: @LynPowers I just don't feel comfortable doing that, I fooled around once with @DunknsDghtr and it got stuck.

    3eyez_O_doom: @WepnDude32 finders keepers, biotch! RT @BlueAdam is my robot! Give him back!

  4. MOTUGreyskull82: @POPtoohott85 Just found out that the guy who has been trying to kill me my whole life is my F$%king uncle wth!!

    POPtoohott85: @MOTUGreyskull82 that's nothing, I just found out I am related to my Eternian crush Adam!!! Good thing I still have you!!

    MOTUGreyskull82: @POPtoohott85…. WAT??

  5. Mitch

    iCyou42: @BoneDaddy:While your at the supermarket could you get me some eye drops plz my eye is burning.

    BoneDaddy: @iCyou42: O.K btw would you check to see if we have any cheerios left @Beastlyman69 keeps feeding them to his cats, they are gross they poop everywhere.

    Beastlyman69: @BoneDaddy: They just don't know where to go maybe if you put the litter box out of the lava they'd go there instead of everywhere else!

  6. J.Adrian728

    TriEYE4U:found my screwdriver in his room again!! now there's jaw juice all over it. Doesn't he have one of his own on that chrome carnival of an

    ?!?!?! I can't keep living like this!

    WHITESHARKRULZ @ TriEYE4U: You think that's bad, Evil-Lynn keeps dying her skin in my lagoon. Last week I thought I wet the water bed… She must be stopped!!!!

    FurINallTHEritePlaces @ WHITSHARKRULZ & TriEYE4U: THIS IS WHY WE NEVER WIN!!!! CAN'T WE STOP THIS FIGHTING!!! IT'S PETTY, IT'S CHILDISH… and would someone please let me out of the basement… I promise not to shed at the dinner table again.

  7. AlienMooCow

    TriScope: RT @SexyBeast the next time your dragon sits on me, I will kill you.

    yellowSkullface: @LynofyourDreams Love your sexy yellow a$$ baby

    LynofyourDreams: @yellowSkullface it is not yellow it is white, open your damn eyes.

  8. Mike

    WuNdAr87: Why does everyone who follows me want to know about my childhood? Even I don't remember where I came from.

  9. jmjs9

    Modulok:#bored and what else to do: I moved my parts around and "I looked up my own a$$hole today. IT BLEW MY F**KING MIND!"

    snakeMAN:#pet snake: I got a snake, man…and it's my left arm. "1 time I fed it some beer, man. It was slithering this way and that. It was all f**ked up!"

    Pissed&Black:#YO!: Ain't this a B. Only brother in the line and they give me something to "clamp". STAND STILL IS WHAT THEY'RE SAYING! Another ex of the white man keeping the black man down.

  10. Zach

    Tuvar001: Oh, what I would give for a moment to myself; I yearn for a brief repose from the duality of my being…

    Baddhra69: @Tuvar001 omg yoo soooo funy lolz c u l8r

    Tuvar001: @Baddhra69 Sigh.

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