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  • So, Voltron is back and Mattel has the toy rights. Thoughts, opinions, bitterly sarcastic comments regarding the availability and quality control of new toys?
  • Once again, ItsAllTrue.net has taken an idea I had and beat me to the punch. Check out their interview with Mel Birnkrant, inventor of the Outer Space Men. A must-read.
  • And while you’re there, check out their review of the awesome Revoltech Jack Skellington. I’m tempted, despite the price…my NECA Jacks are pretty fragile.
  • Any thoughts on the Lion-O staction by Icon Heroes?
  • Masters of the Universe will be inducted into the ToyFare Hall of Fame at WizardWorld Philadelphia this weekend.  So that’s cool. Also, Scott Neitlich is going to reveal a new MOTUC figure on Friday at the “Big Toy Industry” panel. It’s the September sub figure, and the odds-on favorites on the He-Man.org forums are Roboto and Chief Carnivus. Anyone want to make their guess?
  • On a side note, I had to reset the poll because I realized it was only allowing one choice per person, instead of three.


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  1. ScienceFriction

    I love Voltron. This is all pretty exciting really, I remember these shows so fondly from my childhood; I just hope they are done right. The Lion-O Staticon looks pretty good, but not sure how I feel about the paint around the eyes/eyebrows. Hmmm.

  2. dayraven

    i like voltron quite a bit… which is why my heart is heavy that mattel has the license. after some fo the nonsense they've pulled w/ motuc & gbc, i can only imagine that the lions will be 45 dollars each, we won't get the black lion until mid 2012 and he'll have "space slime" on him, and they'll all sell out in 4 minutes.

  3. mortent

    think its geat we're getting another series to look forward to. even if it is from mattel, right now there isnt much to look at. hasbro's not doing a very good job wit its own properties even if they produce the shows themselves. habsro: the hub looks like it will be more shows at aimed at kids. gi jope/transformers will be more towards that audience.

    also rhw new thundercats is good news.

  4. PrfktTear

    Its funny, I remember watching Voltron, but just never got into it. I remember friends who had the toys and playing with them, but still not being taken in by it. I may have just been too enamoured with MOTU and Transformers to have any room to fit it in there.

  5. Poe

    I can't say I ever liked Voltron much, though as a kid I did have a 6" version of the car Voltron. Which I liked–blasphemy, I know.

    I also liked some of the actual action figures, particularly the little blue dude. Other than that, though, I always saw Voltron as a show focused entirely around something that was just one of the many awesome gimmicks of the Transformers (gestalts). Which is no doubt an egregiously glib assessment, but that's what young Poe thought.

  6. Random thoughts on the topics:

    Voltron: http://toyaday2010.blogspot.com/2010/06/voltron-w

    Lion-O: http://toyaday2010.blogspot.com/2010/06/lion-o-sn

    Sub Figure: I'd like to see either Buzz-Off or Stinkor. Both should be relatively easy to make after Whiplash and Merman. I don't think it'd be a millennium figure that soon after Marzo, but I may be wrong.

  7. I like Voltron well enough, but honestly I don't think it plays to Mattel's strong suits. I could be proven wrong, of course.

  8. PrfktTear


    Its at the Hynes Convention Center, Oct 15-16-17, 2010.

  9. PresidentJuggernaut

    I was never a huge Voltron fan either. But if the toys look cool, I'll be buying.

    Wizard World New England? Where is is it going to be, Boston? I'd love to go.

  10. PrfktTear

    I don't really think I was ever into Voltron. Even if they do have a new toy line, I'm not so sure I'd be inclined to partake in any purchases.

    That RVT Jack looks good, despite the joints, he looks like he won't break apart with the slightest gust of wind.

    There is going to be a Wizard World New England… I wonder if ToyGuru will be there for me to shake his hand! 🙂

    For the Sept figure… I think we need a hero to help fill in the ranks, so Roboto will do nicely!

  11. Nicholai

    Voltron was always partly awesome for me since the idea of the lions being separate but connecting to make Voltron was awesome, but sadly I never had all the lions! If the new toys aren't lions who connect to form Voltron I don't care.

    Great interviews over at It's!

  12. Dead Man Walking

    @Poe: Relative to the NECA figure, no doubt. But relative other Revoltech figures, like Ryu and Ken, it doesn't look as bad. The difference being they're human anatomy versus jack looking like he's made out of sticks.

  13. Poe

    @Dead Man Walking: Funny, I was actually thinking those joints were unsightly compared to the NECA figure.

  14. Dead Man Walking

    Every child of the 80's has one of those "classic" series which just make him go "meh." For me, it's Voltron. I mean, I remember liking the toys, but in the realm of robots, Transformers kicked their asses for me. I can't even think of one Voltron villain except for the blue guy. Voltron's not at the bottom of my list, just not a property that got me super excited.

    Anyways, I'll see what comes of this, and whether I would like to collect it.

    Wow, a Revoltech figure where those joints don't look unsightly. That is a cool figure, and I do love NBX. Still, I can't allow myself to buy a Jack Skellington figure, as doing so would cause me to want to buy the series that NECA released.

    Lastly, I'm excited about those Thundercats stactions. The sculpt looks vaguely reminiscent of the 4H's MOTU stactions (THANK GOD they didn't make them puffy and steroidal, like MOTUC) but they look like they tend more toward the less detailed DCUC than 200X. Of course that's just going off of one pic.

  15. Poe

    @Ryan: I think it is, actually. It's about 7" tall, which is about the same size at the NECA Jack.

  16. Ryan

    That Jack is awesome, but is it in scale at all with the NECA toys?

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