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Inspired by’s Roast Gooble Dinner podcast, welcome to PGPoA’s latest MOTUC Bio Discussion: Faker!


Real Name: N/A

Originally built by Man-At-Arms® to cover for He-Man® when Prince Adam® is needed, Faker® was abandoned in the royal junkyard after his first mission and salvaged by the evil warrior Tri-Klops®. At the request of Skeletor®, Faker® was reprogrammed to replace He-Man® and convince the people of Eternia® that He-Man® had betrayed King Randor™ and turned to evil.

Portrait art source: Faker figure card back

There are few characters in MOTUC with more unrealized potential than Faker (figure review). He “appeared” in a single episode of the Filmation cartoon, where he was just a regular He-Man (with normal skin color) except for a pair of glowing eyes. A holographic/robot He-Man also appeared briefly in the Mike Young Productions episode “The Courage of Adam”–when it was defeated, there was a brief moment where it turned blue, but to call that thing “Faker” would be a misnomer.

There are so many possibilities for Faker. While I like that he’s a robot–the little robotic eight-track sticker on his chest was very appealing to young Poe–I always assumed he was also partly magic, in some way.

I think this bio is at best uninspired. Man-At-Arms creates an android–one of the most complicated achievements of technical expertise I can think of–and tosses it in the junkyard after one mission? A “royal” junkyard that’s apparently so poorly guarded Tri-Klops can just wander in and pick through it? During the Roast Gooble discussion of this bio, Pixel Dan, in a great imitation of Skeletor’s voice, said, “We’ve got to keep checking that garbage! That stuff’s gold!

(On a side note, I hate that it was Tri-Klops who salvaged and, presumably, reprogrammed Faker. I prefer Tri-Klops as the badass bounty hunter of the early minicomics, not the tech geek of the MYP cartoon–and since the badass merc is how TK is described in his own bio, I don’t understand why he’s the one who salvaged Faker here. Shouldn’t Trap Jaw be the mechanic/tech guy?)

I’ve never bought the idea that Faker was intended to fool anyone into thinking he was the real He-Man. For one thing, he’s blue. I always saw him as a robotic twin Skeletor made in hopes of having his own evil counterweight to He-Man’s strength, and that’s all. It explains the blue skin: it’s He-Man made in Skeletor’s own image. There are some weird psychological interpretations to make there (especially now that the whole Gar/racism idea has been introduced in the Keldor bio).

More and more, I’m starting to read these bios less as a “canon” and more as a barometer of what depiction of the characters I prefer. Here’s how I might have written Faker’s bio:

Evil Robot of Skeletor

After using a powerful spell to make an ethereal imprint of He-Man’s spirit, Skeletor had Trap Jaw build a cybernetic clone of the hero in hopes of creating his own version of the hero of Eternia–one who was loyal to Skeletor! But when the Lord of Destruction enchanted the robot with the imperfect imprint of He-Man, it went berserk, nearly destroying Snake Mountain before Skeletor could bring it under control. Torn between vague impressions of his former heroic identity and his evil programming, Faker learned to hate the heroes of Eternia whom he believed had forsaken him. Faker now knows he is no mortal man – he’s the evil robot of Skeletor!


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  1. I've always loved Faker, and he is the only MOTU figure that I still have from my childhood. I just received the MOTUC version along with BA He-man today, so having him in hand, and getting to look into those red eyes, I now have my own idea of who Faker is. I never really liked the idea of Faker being a robot, it just seemed weak to me, but I don't mind him having robotic parts. To me Skeletor just added the machinery to act as a fail-safe, for fear of what might occur if his creation were to ever turn on him. My bio of Faker would read as follows:

    Using his mastery of the dark arts to combine traits of himself and He-man into a single living being, Skeletor created Faker to be the perfect evil warrior. With the addition of Triklops’ cybernetic components, Faker will remain loyal to Skeletor alone and never relent until his command is carried out. A combination of sorcery and science, with the strength of He-man and the cunning of Skeletor, Faker may prove to be too powerful for the masters to handle.

    This is also where the battle armor, and the 200x sword come into play, being upgrades that He-man has to utilize just to defeat Faker.

  2. JediCreeper

    Faker is one of my all time favorite MOTU figures (he was my first, so I'm very biased… I got him since I was only allowed one toy, and this way I got a hero and villain in one shot… sometimes I love my 6 year old self's logic)

    I have to say, I much prefer Poe's bio… it reads closer to the way I always saw him too. I'm a huge Superman fan, so this was clearly Bizarro He-Man

    can't see him as anything else.

  3. Granted, I've called Faker an "Eternian Prom Night Abortion", but I still LOVE the MOTUC figure. He's just so friggin' ridiculous! I like a lot of the points brought about on here, especially the anti-matter-dimension-version-deal. 🙂

  4. Snakeeyes22

    Poe, your bio is pretty great, I could accept it as official.

    I think Faker's bio is one of the easiest to find a problem with, but he's such a non-character that its hard to have an emotional response. The bios are fun in the way they combine elements from the line's history, and there just wasn't much to work with. Maybe they avoided the imperfect duplicate angle since its so similar to how they made Bizzaro more plausible?

    Part of me likes the bio since I love the figure for how silly and ridiculous it is and how even at age 4 or so I was aware of how little credibility he had(kind of like the reverse Space Ghost actually fooling his sidekicks!) In that way, it's appropriate. The clever explanations here give some great reasons why he hasn't been pounded to dust by He-Man though.

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