SDCC 2010 Odds ‘n Ends

This was definitely the year for me to go to SDCC. Shoulda tried harder.I’m terribly jealous of everyone’s who’s there. Crowds, stink and all.

Anyway, the big Mattel fan panel, which will reveal all the new MOTU & Ghostbusters figures, will be at 4pm ET. I’ll have my thoughts up, hopefully w/ pics, soon after.

In the meantime, here’s a list of the things I’ve found interesting that has come out of SDCC so far:

  • Guillermo Del Toro’s first post-Hobbit project is…a Haunted Mansion reboot? Rustin Parr: “Why can’t this man stay away from everything I love?” (Rustin is one of the few people I know who dislikes everything GDT’s done, including Pan’s Labyrinth). Personally I like GDT’s work and am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe Mignola will do some design work for it (frankly that’s almost a certainty, if he has the time.) Still, though, has there ever been a reboot of a movie franchise this soon after the previous movie?
  • The Tron Legacy trailer is awesome. I wasn’t quite as amorously invested in it as Rob at TR, but it looks great. I’m starting to think this could be something of a Wizard of Oz for the 3D revival. Anyone not rooting for this movie to be good is a registered Commienazi.
  • Though I haven’t played the game in six months, I can’t wait for NECA’s Claptrap from Borderlands.
  • OK, Mattel…I’ve been iffy on your Ghostbusters stuff lately, but I may have to get that PKE Meter. Then I’m going to walk through the streets of Boston with it prominently held out before me, occasionally stopping near high-traffic public buildings, waving it around, and then rushing off with a worried expression.
  • Lots of Magma Corps on display at the Four Horsemen’s booth, along with the expected Symbiotech and OSM. Scarabus is still looking great…hope we get to own that guy soon.
  • It’s cool that The Walking Dead is getting a TV series, but holy crap, if it’s at all true to the book, that show is going to give Battlestar Galactica a run for its money for Most Depressing Show Depicting Humanity At Its Nadir Lifetime Achievement Award.


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  1. There have been prototypes of most of the Symbiotech stuff for close to a decade. Tygos and Tygolith are the only pair that have been recently updated with better articulation and features. The rest are soon to follow, though.

  2. PresidentJuggernaut

    In any case, a Haunted Mansion movie seems like kind of a waste, not to mention a strange choice. Who knows, maybe he will make something great out of it.

    Symbiotech has won me over with some of the other designs. Love the green guy with the yellow mech!

  3. PresidentJuggernaut

    "Still, though, has there ever been a reboot of a movie franchise this soon after the previous movie?"

    Spider-Man is being rebooted. ANd What about the Hulk?

  4. Dead Man Walking

    HOLY SHIT! They made OXX and Leivia (sp?) figures! Those were the ones I was hoping would win the Fantastic Exclusives Contest.

  5. I'm pretty darn excited about those Battle Beasts.

  6. @Crazy: NEVER FORGET!

    And yes, I'm willing to bet we learned nothing from Mooninite-gate.

  7. gambit320

    So far the highlights for me have to be the Suicide Squad videogame being announced, more of the Marvel family, and confirmation that Cassandra Cain will be appearing outside of comics soon. I wish I was there was I really want to go to the Brave and the Bold screening.

  8. And when someone sees you with the PKE meter on the streets of Boston, they will promptly call the police and bomb sqaud thinking you are carrying an explosive device on par with a Mooninite.

    Sorry, I'm still embarassed by my own city for that.

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