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Saturday 7/25

A very long day. Began with us futile-y trying to get in to Hall H for the Warner Bros panel. After realizing how pointless that was it was back to the dealer floor. Panels, especially big name panels or panels otherwise in one of the big room, are really hard to get into with the line at any given time being about 50% people for the next panel and 50% people for one later in the day, which just exacerbates the whole situation and makes it s far harder to get into panels to begin (this is why I came very close to missing the Mattypalooza panel, the line was massive and mostly people for the Marvel/Capcom panel the following the hour). Essentially, one must pick a large room and not leave in order to see the large panels. This has been a problem for several years (this is Movie Con, after all) so I’ve long since made peace with the fact that I’m not getting in to panels and that I will be able to read the news immediately online and see the movie/s themselves in a couple months. Still would have been neat to see the Avengers assemble, though.

The bulk of the day was spent meandering the floor and getting more toys. I finally scored the exclusive Tron statue and actually found a grail – Batman Beyond Blight. Pretty awesome! Beyond that we failed at getting into Futurama, again, but did make it into the Minimates panel (like theres ever a crowd for that). Chuck and Eddie Wires did their usual two man show of insight and answers. Nothing really major to report other than there will be couple Age of Apocalypse two-packs coming out to augment the boxsets showed at the con. Ghostbusters is or at least initially out performed Marvel Minimates at Toys R Us, hence the great longevity. There will be a new/modern Daredevil coming soon (he’s a villain now…?) and they’re trying to focus more on the movie characters in movies years. They will be doing Thor and Captain America movie minimates, so we can expect to see themed waves around those characters while Iron Man/Family will generally be taking a rest until Avengers or Iron Man 3. Halo is a “game changer” for DST and Minimates and could be the line that gets minimates into Target, etc.

After some more shopping it was off to an early dinner and a return to the Hall for the Masquerade. This year we watched from an overflow room which was fun as it allowed for more heckling and a bit more racous time. Not in a big way, but just a bit mreo fun than the main room. This year was overall more entertaining than last. Several of the skits were very funny and several costumes memorable, though a guy at the end walked out in a near perfect duplicate of Movie War Machine with light up guns, spinning rail gun and automatically opening/closing mask – he kinda stole the show. The night also opened with some mundane trailers and the WORST and MOST CONFUSING short film ever. It apparently has no title but just intercut from kids Skyping with a mother and then presumably the same kids being secret agents? Just weird and bad. Fun to laugh at though.

And thus a late night roles into the annual morning of check out and last day at the con.


A MOTUC Battle Ram? Plus Grayskull weapons rack & Swift Wind vote results [updated]


Pic of the Day


  1. Heli

    Halo Minimates?

    Considering there are already those Halo Megablocks sets at Target (and Wal-Mart, I think), I kinda wonder about the viability of another Halo minifigure line going mass retail.

  2. FakeEyes22

    I didn't realize Blight was anyone's grail!

    I gave up JLU and the related stuff after their frustrating early method – Get character "X" now, with no accessories, packed with Batman and Wonder Woman OR wait and see if he's possibly released on a single card with his proper stuff! It was too much of a slot machine method, so my daughter got my large animated collection.

    Blight's been a tub toy for both of my kids for years. I still Marvel at his awesomeness and ability to remain in perfect shape.

    Thanks for the updates and overall impression of the con!

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