ToyFare #157 & 2011 Club Eternia/Club Ecto-1 news

The latest issue of ToyFare, #157, hit newsstands this week, and it’s chock (what’s a chock? anyway) full of news. News you didn’t already know. Or maybe you did, but I didn’t. Among the highlights:

  • The Four Horsemen’s new line is Symbiotech, which should be familiar to Fantastic Exclusive voters. Still early on in the production development, but they’re coming!
  • Fantastic Exclusives Scarabus and Raven are still coming–look for more when the Horsemen relaunch the FE website just before SDCC.
  • Mattel will be producing a 6″ Ghostbusters II 4-pack with removable Santa hats which will be available at TRU in October. That’s Toys ‘R Us, Matty haters. Relatively minor bummer: no slime throwers.
  • DCUC Wave 16 includes Jonah Hex and the Creeper, with CnC Bane. (Pics of all, plus Green Lantern Classics ’90s Kyle Rayner, included in magazine).
  • The DCUC Fan Poll candidates, the winner to be turned into a CnC figure, are: Blockbuster, Girder, King Shark, Nekron, Shaggy Man, and Wildebeest. Vote at Nekron will win.
  • JLU is getting the Gray Ghost (might be old news?)
  • Gentle Giant is creating massive 12″ versions of the vintage Boba Fett, Stormtrooper and Walrus Man 3 ¾” figures.
  • DCD Arkham Asylum Bane is just as crazy as the videogame version.
  • There’s a full-page ad of Carnivus (no Whiplash ad, apparently), that says he carries the “Sword of Saz,” which is apparently a reference to the Filmation series–“Saz” was some sort of feline mythological hero.

Mattel also released official news on the 2011 Club Eternia subscription. It’s all-in, so those of you hoping for tiered subscriptions are out of luck, I’m afraid. The sign-up will go from 7/21 at 4 p.m. PT through 8/4 at 4 p.m. PT. The January figure, Club incentive figure, and map poster will be revealed at the Friday SDCC panel.

But wait–there’s more! Ghostbusters fans get their own subscription, Club Ecto-1. It’s $20 for six figures plus a club exclusive figure.

But to quote Geordi La Forge, don’t take my word for it–buy your copy of ToyFare #157 today! Then you get all the pretty pictures.


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  1. Sword of Saz! Hmm… which episode is Saz from?

  2. CompyRex

    @Newton Gimmick:

    He’s in a three-pack, not a single, so that’d be $16.

  3. Poe

    @Novelty: He's apparently the subject of an exclamation ("By the whiskers of Saz!") in the He-Man episode "The Cat and the Spider" and the She-Ra episode "Magicats."

  4. sentry001

    The name “Club Ecto-1” is such a tease at fans. “Hey folks if you agree sight unseen to buy all the figures we might consider doing the car.” Who honestly thinks Matty will make an inscale Ecto-1 in the next year? I would love them to but I just don’t see it happening no matter how many people support the current version of the line.

    When the third movie comes out in 2012 maybe we might get one, then again the last vehicle Mattel did in 6″ scale was the bat pod. They haven’t made anything bigger than that in a long time. More than likely they would make a new 3 3/4″ line for the film and do the car in that scale leaving 6″ collectors SOL

  5. PrfktTear

    @BBQ: Minimates has managed to do everything right that Matty has failed to do. They created buzz and excitement for the line, they’ve made them available, and given us selection. I don’t collect ’em, but it looks like a fantastic line. Matty started to create buzz about their GB line, but never really followed through. A year later since Egon was released and we’ve only got five figures, one of them being d!ckless Peck?! =)

  6. Barbecue17

    Man, after collecting Ghostbusters minimates, I just cajnnot fathom any reason why I would ever want any of Mattel’s Ghostbusters figures. I’m as surprised that the minimates are the Ghostbusters toyline I’ve wanted my whole life. Last night, my wife found at TRU figures of the New York Mayor, Janosz, the Subway Ghost, and the Statue of Liberty. That, my friends, is a comprehensive Ghostbusters line.

    Seriously, Ghostbusters is pretty much the defining move of my childhood, and I couldn’t care less anymore about Matty’s lame line. It just isn’t fun. I love MOTUC, however, and while hesitant, I will end up doing the sub.

  7. Nik


  8. Barbecue17

    Just take a look at everyone we've got so far in the Ghostbusters line from Minimates. This doesn't even include the two SDCC sets. I hope this line never stops.

  9. Nik

    @Lemonjuice_McGee: Really? They looked the same to me. Maybe a slightly better production of the head, if that, but not a new sculpt.

  10. Club Ecto-1? With the terrible character selection thus far, who on God’s green Earth would sign up for a GB subscription to get a bunch of slimed variants?

    Sounds like the GB TRU thing is music to my ears though. I knew I was smart by skipping all these lame slime variants. I’ll be able to get all four of the boys, probably for half the cost of what Matty’s website charges.

    Gray Ghost sounds awesome. If only I hadn’t pretty much given up on JLU. Still, I might plunk down the $9 for him. So long as he doesn’t end up as one of the $20 JLU dudes.

  11. Nik

    Bout time! If I’m going to suffer through a mediocre GB toyline, Mattel should at least make it less painful to give them money!

  12. PrfktTear

    Thanks for the hilights! I'll have to pick this issue up!

    Chock-full or chock•full (ch k f l ). adj. Full to the limit; as full as possible: a report chock-full of errors.

    But apparently a chock is a block or wedge placed under something else, such as a wheel, to keep it from moving.

    I just think they're chock-full of nuts. Anyone who signs up for the Ecto-1 sub is, anyway. I’m not usually one to be negative, but I don't know who in their right mind would sign up for this. Unless you're a die-hard GB fan, it really makes no sense to sign up with absolutely no idea to sign up for this. If they want to sell subs though, they had BETTER show at least three of the new figs. But if "We Believe You" Ray is indicative of the kind of figures they’ve got planned, then no-way-in-hell. I'll sign up for Club Eternia sign unseen, but that’s because of my undying love for MOTUC.

    As far as the GB 4-pack at TRU, that’s good news! I’m curious how much this will cost… I’m really not looking for doubles of each figure, but if it means getting a normal (i.e. non-slimed) Venkman, I might consider it.

    So DCUC Wave 16 is getting Bane? BANE?! Why is it so hard to quit this lien? With all of the MOTUC goodness, I really can't afford to keep up with DCUC. I think unless this Bane is absolutely spec-tac-u-lar, I will just pass on it. If I really wanted a Bane, I would have picked up the DCSH version by now.

  13. Nicholai

    The only way I'd go with a GB club is if they actually announce, I dunno, non-Ghostbusters for the Jan, March, and exclusive figures.

    I'm out of the MOTUC club with the all-in business so I'll be fighting along with so many others on that website.

    DCUC looks good and Green Lantern Classics is nice. My only worry is if Bane is far too large (like if they use the Lobo/Despero buck).

  14. The GBs in the 4 pack look to have new head sculpts, well at least Ray and Peter anyway…

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