Jon Stewart evidently not too short for a stormtrooper

This is kind of neat. One of the special events during today’s Star Wars Celebration V was one-hour interview between Daily Show host Jon Stewart and George Lucas. To honor the event, Hasbro created a one-of-a-kind Jon Stewart action figure, complete with alternate goatee head. Pretty awesome.


Mattel MOTUC updates (No 200X Grizzlor head)


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  1. Lee

    I only have about 10 Star Wars figures, but I would certainly add this one to my shelf. Too cool, hope it gets produced sometime.

  2. Barbecue17

    With some extra Star Trek bodies, Jon can also make a Mirror-Mirror version of himself, because goatees equal evil twins.

  3. RM

    I'd sure as hell buy one.

  4. Dlia

    This should be mass produced. Hey Scott Neitlich is an Eternian Guard figure and is D-(F?)list celebrity. Jon Stewart is seen by millions daily.

  5. Thomas B


    yup which makes me think there is a good chance of it happening.

    he'd go great next to my george lucas storm trooper ha

  6. Poe

    @Mumma Ghostal: No, sadly it's a one-of-a-kind made just for Stewart himself. Although if fan demand is high enough, it's possible they'll produce it–it's happened before.

  7. Mumma Ghostal

    Is this actually for sale??? I MUST HAVE!!!

    I have been a devoted fan of Jon Stewart since Indecision 2000!!!

  8. Bossk

    "yup….rarest and most awesomenest "

    How is this awesome? John Stewart???

  9. This is really cool, and due to all the frustration that mattel induces I've decided that Hasbro is awesome. I really like the new G.I. Joe and transformers that I've picked up lately.

  10. Thomas B

    yup….rarest and most awesomenest

  11. monkey boy

    so is this like the rarest SW figure ever?

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