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Mattel released a list of their upcoming releases, and for those of you who only check this site for their toy-related news (all two of you), I figured I should post the list:

Toy Fans,

The whirlwind of insanity that is SDCC is over, and we’re finally settled down and getting back to business as usual. We’re still pulling together final images, but here’s a list of products that are scheduled for release through the end of November:


  • Ghostbusters™ 6″ Egon Spengler™ with PKE Meter™, stack of books
  • Masters of the Universe® Classics Chief Carnivus™ (Club Eternia™ monthly figure)
  • Masters of the Universe® Classics Gygor™


  • Masters of the Universe® Classics Roboto® (Club Eternia™ monthly figure)
  • Masters of the Universe® Classics Zodac®


  • DCU JLU Parademon™ 2-Pack
  • Ghostbusters™ 6″ Peter Venkman™ with Ghostbusters™ Logo Base
  • Masters of the Universe® Classics Grizzlor® (Club Eternia™ monthly figure)
  • Masters of the Universe® Classics Grayskull™ (with Orb)
  • Masters of the Universe® Classics Weapons Pak Great Wars Assortment

November’s already shaped up to be one heck of a month, but there’s even more in store for you! We’re working on plans for a serious Cyber Monday sale on November 29th at 9 a.m. PT/Noon ET and it’s gonna be BIG! Watch this spot for details to come, and check back soon to see images of the September, October, and November products!

— Matty


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  1. Scott


    All of the re-issues except He-Man and Skeletor lasted over 24 hours (most were a few days). Even He-Man lasted 6 hours or so.

  2. The only good thing I can think is that the Matty sale starts at noon, and most Cyber Monday sales start at midnight, am I right?

    Obviously they want to finish off the quarter with a bang, but having so much product on sale so soon to Christmas is a burden.

    Not to mention that other sales come up on that weekend, Black Friday, and having to shop for family, etc. I know I'd like to pick up a Blu-Ray player this year, hopefully get a bargain on a decent model. Though, part of me still wants to pick up a PS3 so I can play games AND play Blu-Ray discs. If they drop the price of a PS3 by $100, it will be more in my price range.

  3. Mose


    Good to hear you kicked cigarettes. Had an uncle who died because of them. It's just when you read some of the posts on that forum, you can't help but feel a bit…disturbed.

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