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Battle Cat® Bio

Real Name: Cringer™

A member of the Green Tiger Tribe, Cringer™ was saved from a parek-narr attack by a young Prince Adam® and afterwards became his devoted companion for life. He assisted Adam during his quest to unite both halves of the Power Sword® of He and afterwards was enhanced by its power to become Battle Cat®, the Fighting Tiger of Eternia®. Cringer™ is one of only a handful of allies who knows Adam’s secret and fights alongside the other Masters of the Universe®, carrying He-Man® into battle against the forces of evil.

Portrait Art Source: Marketing Art

To my knowledge, Battle Cat has received only one original story in the various He-Media: in the Filmation episode “Battlecat,” young Adam rescues a green kitten from a “sabrecat,” and adopts him. Teela and the other kids call him “cringer” because of his scaredy-cat nature, and the name sticks. Later, after Adam learns to turn into He-Man, he discovers he also has the ability to turn Cringer into Battle Cat. The only other thing that comes close to an origin story is in the DC miniseries (my personal favorite piece of MOTU fiction), where Battle Cat refers to the jungle as the “place of his birth and youth” (though he “hates it”).

The MOTUC bio introduces some new elements. First, there’s the “Green Tiger Tribe,” which seems to prefigure Gygor and his yellow apes and perhaps Panthor of the Purple Tigers? (Sounds like a youth league basketball team.) I’m not sure I need a “Green Tiger Tribe.” While the bio is appreciatively silent on the question of whether Battle Cat can talk, allowing fans to decide that for themselves, I would think any species that can form a tribe has to at least be able to communicate amongst themselves–so MOTUC Battle Cat is possibly as intelligent as the talking animal of the Filmation cartoon, and probably more intelligent than the BC of the Millennium era.

We learn a little more about Adam’s relationship to the Power Sword. Apparently Adam actually went on a “quest” to find the sword halves. This part of the MOTUC story still really intrigues me, and I hope we find out more eventually (another reason we should have gotten an Adam bio). Note that the whole “Power Sword” and “Sword of He” thing was still developing here–it’s referred to as “The Power Sword of He.”

Unlike the Filmation cartoon, in the MOTUC bio the kitten Cringer is menaced by a “parek-narr,” a kind of big rhinocerous-thing from the Millennium cartoon.

There’s not really that much to this bio. Aside from the relatively innocuous “Green Tiger Tribe” angle, it doesn’t introduce anything groundbreaking to the Battle Cat legend, nor does it fundamentally alter the character or his background in any way. Given the choice of major changes for the better, no major changes, or major changes for the bad, no major changes is fine with me.


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Pic of the Day


  1. Mose


    LOL! Reminds me of a skit about a racist horse from Dave Chappelle.

  2. JediCreeper

    I'm mostly bitter about this bio since I don't have a battle cat yet… but my hopes are up for the reissue.

    there's nothing wrong with it otherwise.. but, while it makes more sense for a non-talking BC, I prefer him to talk. hey, don't blame me.. blame 7 year old me…

  3. FakeEyes22


    Swiftwind waas part of the Pink Pony tribe, but kicked out because despite their delightful appearance, Pink Ponies are quite racist. They probably started all those Gar rumors too.

    It just occurred to me(and probably everyone else years ago) that they could have decided that the split sword represents Adam and She-Ra's swords. It was destiny that Randor's child be the next protector, but twins showing up messed things up so the sword split…or something.

    Little known fact: When the swords are brought together, Adam ans Adora voltronize together into She-Man – Unstoppable Master of Androgeny.

  4. Thrawn

    This bio was fine. It didn't add anything objectionable and largely kept the established lore intact.

    The green tiger tribe mention is a curiosity.

    I don't care for the whole "questing for the power swords" since I think the idea of the half power swords is so freaking stupid. That is an aspect of motu history that should be forgotten.

    Other than that I really want a Cringer. I am actually more fond of Cringer than I am Battle Cat.

    Give me Cringer Mattel!

  5. dayraven

    i definitely want a parek-narr for a mount for beast-man later down the line. that thing is bad assed!

  6. Uh…does this mean Swiftwind will be part of the White Pony tribe? Cuz seriously, that's badass!

  7. PrfktTear

    All in all a decent bio.

    If I had the choice of a new boat or a mysterious wrapped box that could have the keys to a new boat… I'd take the boat. I feel the same way about the bios — I'd rather take what I already know as opposed to something craptastic.

    On a side note, I'm surprised they didn't try to give him a dumb name like "Meow Meow Putty'Tat" or "WRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRR".

  8. Not having watched a lot of the cartoon, did Battlecat talk a lot to anyone besides Adam or Orko? He didn't have long conversations with Man-at-Arms, or talk smack to Skeletor, did he?

  9. Mose

    To be honest, I'm not crazy on the ideas of talking cats, but I like the idea that he is smart.

    Down the road I'd love to see a large beast classicized parek-narr.

  10. Dead Man Walking

    In addition to the tribe aspect, the "knows Adam’s secret" line suggest to me that he (and possibly his kind) are more intelligent/aware than an earth tiger. I mean my dog has seen me wear blazers and jeans dozens of times, but does she "know" that I have a fondness for blazers and jeans?

    I absolutely abhor the idea of Cringer/BC talking, but I guess I can live with the idea that he is more advanced than an earth animal.

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