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Men 6

Men 6
by adumrawth


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  1. Mark

    Is the Robocop from the line with thecap firing back packs? I loved those, I used to have nearly every figure from that series.

  2. Mark

    @Poe: Thanks Poe I was also thinking it might have been Dune. I was close LJN made both LOL.

  3. Barbecue17

    Who is the guy with the hammer? And that little tree looks familiar, as well.

    I loved that glow in the dark Robocop. That definitely was a fantastic line of figures! Esepcially the Robocop who had interchangeable arms and came with a tank that the arms could attach to. That and the big police van with the jail cell were my favorites.

  4. Poe

    @Mark: I think it's Baron Harkonnen from the Dune movie line.

  5. Mark

    Whats the figure at the back lefthand side….Bionic 6?

  6. Nik

    love the purple GB toy. He's one of my favorite ghosts.

  7. Lazulu

    That pic brought back serious memories!! Thank you so much! It reminds me why I collect!

  8. Diego Zubrycky

    Great group! I really liked this picture…

    P.S.: Glad to see here one of the Lizard Woman from Mattel's Flash Gordon line. Great toy!

  9. Chad B.

    ET and a happy meal burger transformer, very nice selection!

  10. I loved the old Food Fighters line. I had both of those. Bring them back Mattel!

  11. Fakeeyes22

    There's something wonderful about this random little assortment. I like R2 peeking through, practically centered, as the only 90s toy I see.

    The karate Ewok to the right tickles my rage a little bit, in a fun way. The first time I got to go to the movies without an adult or my older brother, my visiting cousin and I got dropped off at this small nearby mall with a theater. Well, of course we were going to go see Robocop 2, right? They never asked for your age back then. My cousin thought he'd get in trouble somehow with his parents who weren't going to pick him up for a week. So I had to see the Jetsons movie. Orbity and those space bears made the experience similar to a fanfic that exclusively starred Orko, Snarf, Ewoks, Wheelie, the Great Gazoo, Jar Jar Binks, and the Snuggle bear.

    I left a shriveled piece of my soul in there. That mall's theater shut down and the whole place now has like 4 stores frequented by crack heads. It's become possibly the saddest place on earth, and I blame the concentrated bit of despair I left behind. Shattered Robocop dreams do that sort of damage.

  12. Ben

    Robocop and the Ultra Police is a VASTLY underrated toy line. Also, I love when collectors just throw stuff like this together. Where else could you find a Hoth Rebel Soldier standing toe-to-toe with Lieutenant Legg?

  13. Poe

    That GITD Robocop with the Gatling gun arm was one of my favorite toys as a kid. I even got it as a mail-away–that's how into the Kenner Robocop line I was.

  14. Sweet. Love the Robocop back there.

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