Happy Gygor Day!

Yeah, that’s right! I’m so excited for Gygor I’m not even giving Carnivus top billing!

But there is also Carnivus, and also Egon with no slime, a PKE meter and a stack of books. Looking forward to paying $30 for a lack of green paint and a tiny accessory.

The big question is, will Gygor be a quick sellout or will he linger? Many people seem to think he’ll be a tough sell, but I predict he’s gone by 1:30pm at the latest.

Anway, the all-in-one page is here.


MOTUC Bio Discussion #24 > Wun-Dar


Ask Mattel > Mid-September Round


  1. yea, so I'm coming in late but WOWzers that was a ridiculous day. 82 minutes of WSOD. Love Carnivus… a lot. Will talk about it on the show. Hope Gygor gets here soon. I need some MONKEY LOVE. He will be in a display I will call Matty Monkeys. Know who will not be there? gleek…

  2. Mose

    @RM: Though I can see that happening easily, they’re may be a chance that they will not do characters with small rolls from any era.

  3. PrfktTear

    @RM: You want to use the all-in-one page. Poe usually posts a link to them here, and I think you can get to it from the MattyCollector home page. It saves you from having to bounce from page to page for your orders, in effect wasting valubal time.

  4. RM

    Okay, I tested the waters with a debut figure purchase on MattyCollector, to see how I fared.

    To date, I've used a combination of subscription, and group orders (for non-sub figures) to get my MotUC fix, but decided that with Gygor, I would give it a shot myself, to experience the "horror" of a Matty sale day for myself…

    I went to the Gygor page at 11:59 (US Eastern time), and shortly thereafter was transfered to the white "do not [maunally] refresh" page.

    This page persisted for roughly 30 minutes, at which point I was able to add 1x Gygor to my basket, and check-out with excellent speed.

    Now, this is fine for purchasing a single slow-selling item, but add multiple items, and Moss-Man/Evil-Lynn sell-out times, and I can see how rediculous it would be.

    Also, I'm shocked to see Carnivus still available. O_O

    I know that there's a heavy nostaglic bent to the MotUC collector base, but Carni' really is an awesome looking figure, so I didn't think that there'd be such a drastic drop in sales.

    If the figure lasts more than a day, then I could see "upper management" being less likely to give us many more 200X characters. šŸ™

  5. Mose

    Was able to get both Carnivus and Gygor in 14 mins.

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