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Iron Man 2 Movie Sea Assault Drone

Iron Man 2 Movie Sea Assault Drone by Greg Easton Photography


Pic of the Day


Doc Thomas Probes > Most Wanted, Left 4 Dead Edition


  1. PresidentJuggernaut

    Especially since some will only be coming out in multipacks with figures of Iron Man that I don't need more of.

  2. dayraven

    @PresidentJuggernaut: hasbro really dropped the ball on army builder packs of those drones, didn't they? at inch and 4 inch scales, both would have sold like gangbusters.

  3. PresidentJuggernaut

    Awesome pic, makes me want to find that figure even more. I need an army of all the different drones on my shelf, damnit.

  4. Megaduce Flare

    Now if only I could find those at retail. ;_;

    Great pic too.


    (clicks on the picture) Oh, it's from a Target Exclusive pack, I may be able to get one after all.

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