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Poester DF writes in with an interesting conundrum.

Subject: rune action figures

i was going to put it on ebay, but i didn’t know what it was. however, thanks to your blog i was able to figure out i have the rune prototype action figure for conrack.

now that i know what it is, is something like this valuable? thanks!

Very cool find there, DF! Being a man of of wealth and taste, or at least taste, I won’t ask who you killed for it where you got it.

As for the value of it, that’s a bit tricky to determine. It’s an unpainted prototype (or it’s at least solid-painted), so that immediately narrows you to prototype collectors and fans of Rune. However, prototype collectors are known to pay a pretty penny for their items, while a diehard Rune fan might be willing to part with a small fortune for this piece.

It’s all about finding the right audience. Your best bet may be to put up an auction on eBay and then make the rounds on the collector message boards, especially fantasy-oriented ones (Toymania, the Green Dragon, etc.), to tell people about the auction. Remember only to post in the marketplace areas; people get mad if you post this sort of thing anywhere else.

But the one thing you must do (if you haven’t already) is put up a note about it on the official Rune message boards.

Good luck!


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  1. Dark Angel

    "Hear me, son of Jarl, I am Odin, and know that it is the Allfather himself who has saved you from certain death…"

    I love that game…might have to fire up the PS2 this weekend…

  2. Poe

    @Falleneldor: It was a Viking-themed, third-person action adventure game from around 2000 or so. It's one of my favorite games of all time. Its style somewhat prefigured games like God of War, although GoW added the arcade-combo aspect.

  3. Mecha-Shiva

    Figure looks great,same quality as the early warcraft and Diablo figures having detail but not as grotesque like the Mcfarlane medieval type figures.

  4. Falleneldor

    Yeah I'll be [i]"that guy"[/i]

    What the hell is rune? I know it's a video game, but I'm way to lazy to google it… ;-P


    Your not alone my friend! That Axe would be kick ass for MOTUC He-Man!

  5. Poe

    @sadman2000: That would be a neat trick, since this figure was never actually sold in stores… 😉

  6. Cool, but I wonder if this is from the same guy that paints Gears of War figures that exact shade of silver and then tries to sell them as prototypes. Don't buy into that stuff, prototypes aren't painted solid silver… EVER.

  7. Ben

    What an awesome discovery! This is why I insist that people make sure to post pictures of prototypes and unproduced figures as frequently as possible, because you never know when something crazy like this would turn up.

    Before you list it on eBay or anything, I would DEFINITELY post on appropriate forums. Video game action figures tend to have very dedicated followings (compare the values of Toy Biz's video game figures from the late 90s with the superhero figures they were producing at the same time), so if this never made it to the production stage, you've got something that the most die-hard of Rune fans are going to want to have on a shelf. But you have to make sure those die-hard Rune fans are checking eBay and have money to burn when you list it! They're probably not looking for one because they never knew any examples were even out there on the secondary market!

  8. dayraven

    is it wrong that i see that and i want to send in a team of casters to make replicas for those weapons?

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