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  • DST answered my Minimate question. Bummer, but not unexpected. Still, Hellboy MMs seem like a no-brainer to me. BTW, the ones above were created by Minimate customizer extraordinaire Bob Harris. Click the pic for more pics of his many customs, including Dr. McNinja and Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter.
  • Mattel has posted some Shadow Beast pics on their Facebook page. Looks pretty neat, but I prefer Gygor.
  • I’ve got a bunch of reviews I owe you, including, of course, Roboto. Planning to get to at least one of them tonight.
  • I recorded a guest appearance on OrccaCast last night. It should be up shortly before Halloween, I believe. I’ve also got an appearance on another pretty big podcast fairly soon, but I’m going to save that news for now.
  • Finally, I’ve received a test shot of the PGPoA-exclusive Spy Monkey Creations accessory. Some changes were needed, but once I get the revised test shot, I’ll go ahead and make the announcement.
  • Question for today: what would you name a subscription for 6″ Back to the Future figures on Mattycollector? My submission is Club Flux Capacitor. Kind of a mouthful, though.


Pic of the Day


Blame for Roboto shoulders? Not the factory.

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  1. FakeEyes22

    Nik wins, in my book!

    So very honest and perfect. Really, the existence of a realistic, huge Delorean that works with a couple figures is undeniably cool. Even if you didn't want to buy one now, you probably wanted one at some point. And yet, these circumstances truly would make a childhood dream fulfilled into a slap in the face.

    Well played, sir.

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