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  • Spy Monkey Creations has the following status update on their Facebook page: “Brian-Man has finished the sculpt of our next offering. It is truly of titanic proportions. (wink, nudge) Come see it in person at the Long Beach Comic Con this coming weekend. Fri. Oct. 29-Sun. Oct. 31. Details on the sale date coming soon.” I think there are going to be some happy fans out there.
  • Speaking of SMC, work is still progressing on the new PGPoA-exclusive item. We’re just hammering out the last few details regarding colors and plastic.
  • Mattel’s replica Ghostbusters PKE Meter will go on sale December 1, at a price of $60. The Diamond Select Star Trek Communicator was about $30; the Tricorder ran about $45. As usual, I think the Mattycollector item is just this side of overpriced. It depends on the quality, though.
  • Yet again, I’m considering branching out a bit on the blog with some non-toy stuff. I’ve posted a poll about it to the left, but already it seems you prefer to keep the focus on toys. And I understand that.
  • Check out Mezco’s upcoming 6″ comic-based Scott Pilgrim figures. Will this finally break the Mezco curse of their last half-dozen or so licenses? Anyone remember Tikimon? I actually liked those.
  • The Four Horsemen donated this DCUC Green Lantern 2-up for a charity auction. The proceeds go to the Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA, and the Horsemen’s reign of awesomeness continues.


Any questions for Mattel?


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  1. @Mysterious Stranger:

    Thanks Mysterious Stranger, much appreciated! I have been looking for that news everywhere (was supposed to be at AFI last night).

  2. Mysterious Stranger

    I stopped by the Spy Monkey booth at LBCC today and the new weapon is a GIANT HAMMER for figures like Tytus. It was beautiful and almost had me regretting selling the Tytus I had, but only for a moment. They have to do some reworking on it to deal with some minor issues but the one sample they had looked awesome. Clear blue with silver highlights to match Tytus' armor, lots of little sculpted details that tie in to his armor and just a great looking piece. I didn't take any pics because I figured some of the other sites would have done so but I don't see any online yet. I imagine they'll post some soon though.

  3. Nik

    Wow, I was really happy with the $60 price. Esp for a working prop. That seemed like a steal to me. Didn't know so many people thought it was pricey. I'm sure it would have a much smaller production run than the force fx lightsabers do, and I think those are awesome at $100.

  4. SIXTY BUCKS for the GB prop?! I might take a chance on it, for thirty bucks or so, but no way I'm gambling $60 + S&H on the quality control challenged Mattel!

    BTW, Poe, what happened to your Matty image contest?

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