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  • Let’s give credit where credit is due: while the WSOD did make an appearance yesterday, the Cyber Monday sale overall ran much more smoothly than previous months, and there seems to have been an abundance of product available. Only a few items are sold out now, and Battle Cat hung around much longer than anyone expected.
  • DST continues to eek out the occasional Battle Beast Minimate here and there. When are we going to get a real line of these things?
  • The new MOTU vs. DCUC 2-packs are starting to hit. I was thinking I wasn’t going to get them, but I know I will once I see them. I ain’t buying them off eBay, though. Anyone seen them in stores yet?
  • The packaging and constructs for the Hal Jordan vs. Thaal Sinestro set look great, but shouldn’t Sinestro be wearing the Sinestro Corps uniform, and Jordan his modern togs? Or alternatively, shouldn’t the “evil” constructs be green? Still though…great looking set. Why didn’t we get anything like Green Lantern Classics for Batman when Dark Knight came out?
  • A Chinese eBay retailer has some early samples of DCUC 16: Creeper, Robin, Riddler, Mercury, Jonah Hex. I didn’t realize Robin and the Creeper had double-joints until I saw these–that’s awesome. Here’s hoping for a super-articulated Batman down the line. Does Azrael Bats have double-joints too?
  • Speaking of Batman, here’s your question of the day: what’s your definitive Mattel Batman? Is it Zipline Batman, DCSH Batman (blue or black), DCUC Detective Batman or Burton Batman, DCUC TRU exclusive Batman or Walmart Robin 2-pack Batman…? My all-time favorite remains DCSH black-and-gray Batman, but a new modern DCUC Batman–with a black bat symbol, pouch belt, and double-jointed limbs–might top him.


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  1. AJ

    Darren: Classic Sinestro is classic, that's why.

  2. Darren

    I know that this is a late comment but I want to chime in on the upcoming Jordan/Sinestro 2 pack.

    All I have to say is WOW what is Mattel thinking? The focus of the whole Green Lantern Classics line is the various lantern corps. Green, Yellow, Red, etc….. This set dose not tie in with that theme at all. Is there a overwhelming demand for a the blue pre-Sinestro Corp costume that I'm not aware of? I was willing to buy another release of Hal Jordan just to get the Yellow Sinestro. (Yes, I was willing to pay $30 just to get the Yellow Sinestro…) Now though I'm going to completely pass on it.

  3. monkey boy

    @Poe: i believe there is a scene in DKR where batman is forced to kill. page 64/65 of the collected paperback has batman confront a mutant with a gun to a child hostage's head. batman picks up a huge automatic rifle and fires it, the next scene shows the mutant and what looks like blood spatter behind him, and the hostage is safe.

    considering frank miller has always said batman's "no killing" policy is stupid, i think this can be read as batman using lethal force in DKR.

  4. Knight

    That DCSH black and gray Batman is my definitive Batman, but I've given up on getting one, so I settled for the DCSH3 blue and dark-gray Batman with the giant pouch belt. He does the job just fine. I love all the detail that was put in to him, and I don't think any DCUC will ever top him for me, even if they added double jointed limbs. The few DCUC Batman I have is just too smooth and lacking in detail.

  5. dayraven

    BTW, of note, the black friday sale was relatively simple because it didn't attract much of an audience… remember, the "fixes" aren't getting implemented till jan… all matty did this month was suck out loud.

  6. The Flash III

    My favorite is the Detective Batman from wave one. I know everyone digs black, but the Batman I know will always wear blue.

  7. AJ

    The original Mattel Batman figure is my default Batman, and surprisingly (if you value the currently level of articulation) it's my favorite DC figure from the company. It's just so perfectly-realized–you can just tell the Four Horsemen sculpted it with the knowledge that they finally had a chance to make the ultimate Batman figure. Aside from the slightly undersized head, it fits into my DCUC collection perfectly, and the unique-yet-totally-FH-crafted sculpt is proof to those who praise the "consistency" of the reused body types what the word actually means.

  8. Reverend Ender

    @DoctorKent: Holly Crap! Those are awesome! I would buy those in a heartbeat. My favorite Batman (I'll stay away from the word "definitive") is the DC Direct Infinite Crisis Batman. He has the best sculpt and ALMOST enough articulation. (I love the ab crunch!)

  9. FakeEyes22

    '89 Batman was my proper introduction to the character, but it didn't take long to realize guns and grenades on the Batmobile were strange. Also srrange was unloading weapons at a single guy in the street as he flew his crazy delicate plane towards him.

    I totally miss All-Star Batman. It was so gloriously hilarious! It was a whole new level of Miller self indulgence and a train wreck to see such ugly writing clash with sharp Jim Lee art.

    Speaking of which, the excellent DCD Tim Bruckner sculpted Jim Lee Hush Batman was amazing to me but the DCSH modern costume version came out with it's great articulation. The DCSH version has this odd asmmytrical warp in the face that I can't unsee, so they cancelled each other out. I still have no default Batman.

    That GL set is a fantastic presentation! Love the constructs and the dual colored lantern is a cool touch even though it will be little more than a Sprite keg out of the box. The size to house the small contents is a bit preposterous. A very transparent way to occupy $30 worth of shelf space.

    I wish Hasbro had gotten the Battle Beast license again. Rather than release 50 alligators, they could have easily released tons by playing up the rock paper scissors game angle in the current market of Pokemon and Bakugan. As a bonus, they could have gone back to the Beastformers origin of the line and made the relaunch a Transformers spinoff again. Instead, they've got Micronauts, which I don't think we've heard anything about yet. I still wonder if that will lean closer to the Marvel series or Microman.

  10. Cythagen

    I really liked the DCSH Series 3 blue & grey Batman, but he's been completely de-throned by Wave 10's all-black version.

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