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Quote of the Day: “A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals, and you know it.” –Agent Kay, Men in Black

  • In case you missed it, I was once again a guest on OrccaCast–this time for the whole three hours! Topics include The Worst Witch, the Rodian language, political ads and oh yeah, toys.
  • Hoping to have the reveal of the PGPoA Spy Monkey Creations exclusive by the end of the week, and therefore I’m shortening the contest to end on Thursday at midnight, instead of Friday. So far only one person has guessed correctly. Remember, you can make as many guesses as you want.
  • You know what I miss? The old Mez-Itz. Not the Munny-rip-off ones Mezco makes now, but the old ones that were more like block figures with great sculpting. Mezco should have revived that format as a Minimate competitor, rather than going the “hip” vinyl route. But it’s just one more in the long chain of poor Mezco toy-related decisions, starting back around the time they got the Heroes license. Seriously,  what a run it’s been for them since then: Heroes becomes awful just as the figures come out, The Spirit bombs, The Wolf Man bombs, Kick-Ass has one good weekend, and Scott Pilgrim didn’t set the world on fire either (and even fans of the comic aren’t exactly excited). The filmmakers of The Green Hornet should be worried. Once upon a time, Mezco made some of my favorite toy lines ever–Silent Screamers, Mez-Itz, Hellboy (movie & comic), and the Goon. Now the only thing they can seem to get right is Living Dead Dolls.
  • Anyone else doing National Novel Writing Month? I’m going to give it my perennial shot this year. I’ve only written one sentence so far. But it’s a doozy. Really.
  • You may have noticed the new Amazon and TRU ads on the sidebar. PGPoA is now an affiliate of both. The holidays are coming. That is all.
  • How awesome is it that we’ve got the Bastards of the Universe here now? I mean, seriously.


MOTUC Bio Discussion #31 > Chief Carnivus


Bastards of the Universe > “Tryouts”


  1. I completely agree on your Mezco lament. Lots of excitement that I used to have has basically evaporated.

    And good luck on your NaNoWriMo! I seriously thought about suspending the editing of my current novel to work on a new story for this month as a break, but I decided I need to focus and really get the current one in shape before I go off on yet another distraction.

  2. I think Mezco is a great little company, but they can't get any good licenses. When Mezco puts their full effort into a toy, there are very few companies that can best them.

    In recent years they've not put in their best efforts, I think because they know the properties they have suck. I was so glad to see they got the DC license for the Mighty Mugg ripoffs, because that will help them to stay afloat for relatively cheap.

    Plus Mezco does the best mainstream versions of those.

  3. FakeEyes22

    The orccacast spot was good fun. It worked out well having a guest while the panel was smaller. You guys kept it interesting for a ridiculously long time.

    Congrats on the affiliates. I'm assuming if we have a need to hit up Amazon or TRU, it would be nice for us to stop by here first.

  4. Fengschwing

    I LOVE that quote from MIB, probably my fave bit of the film.
    The world needs more Hellboy toys, I only ever got the comic accurate Hellboy with a closed mouth and no trench coat (philistine that I am, I have no idea if that was part of the Mezco license or not) I wish to God I’d bought more.

  5. dm

    I'll admit Mezco haven't captured my interest much since the Hellboy comic line, but I'm actually totally excited about those Scott Pilgrim figures… I feel like many SP fans may now be addicted to whining after the Michael Cera thing.

  6. Mecha-Shiva

    Mezco is a great company,all their toys are top notch,I love the Spirit action figure(even if the movie was an abomination) and would buy another and color him green because I don't think Im going to buy a Seth Rogen action figure(If only they got the rights to make the CLASSIC Green Hornet and I can settle for a Matchbox Black Beauty.)The Mez itz are a riot,I love the Robocop set with the cute Ed-209.

  7. Ben

    Mezco in recent years is reminding me a lot of Palisades just before they went under. Ugh.

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