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Marvel Legends - Series 9: 1st Appearance Hulk ( Variant - Green )

Marvel Legends – Series 9: 1st Appearance Hulk ( Variant – Green ) by Leandro [ Egon ]


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Any questions for Mattel?


  1. I really wasn't looking forward to this figure when he originally came out but he grew on me once I'd got him. Especially the green version; if you'd told me I'd end up buying both of them I would've thought you were crazy at the time but this guy got everything right that the 1st appearance Thing did not, sadly.

  2. nerdbot

    Yeah, the proportions are off on this figure. I absolutely love it – it's one of my favorite Marvel Legends – but it's too lanky to capture the first appearance look.

  3. Dead Man Walking

    I don't like the Hulk-as-Frankenstein monster look of this figure (or the original art). I also don't like how this Hulk was so much taller than FO Hulk and Smart Hulk, when Hulk was much shorter than those versions when he first appeared.

  4. Mecha-Shiva

    Marvel should make more Jack kirby figures.Imagine playing out those old Marvel cartoons with the really cheap animations…

  5. 3B

    Nice! I have the grey version, but with the closed mouth. This one is really nice, I may have to look into picking one up.

  6. Snarf! Snarf! (aka)

    I love that Hulk (Especially the Grey version). If it wasn't for FO Hulk, THAT would've been my default Hulk.

  7. I love this figure.

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