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1.) Mark asks: Can you please stop posing the WWE Legends figures in the packages as it is bending their legs to the side. Just pose them normally, they do not have to be in a dynamic pose to sell. Excellent figures BTW!

We pack out our Legends figures in dynamic poses that match trademark actions of those Superstars. However, we have become aware that some poses tend to negatively affect the figure inside and we will no longer be posing figures in ways that may happen do this.

2.) William Fontaine De la Tour Dauterive asks: Has the WWE team considered using the Terry Funk Elite upper body on more superstars? I feel that torso is more appropriate for folks like Edge, Chris Jericho, Drew McIntyre, Alberto Del Rio, Cowboy Bob Orton, prime Shawn Michaels, etc since it’s a little beefier than what’s currently being used.

That is definitely something we would consider where appropriate in the Legends and Elite lines.

3.) RM asks: I was wondering why you decided to break up the complete set of silver/rusty weapons in the upcoming Weapons Rack pack with a number of maroon (Man-E-Weapons inspired) ones? Not only does it deny fans the complete set of weapons shown (at this point) in the promotional photo, but it also removes a potential Man-E-Face “refresh” option in the future by putting those weapons in the pack. This seems like a lose/lose situation. Can you explain why this was done, and if the (now) missing rusty silver Rack weapons may make it into a future Weapons Pak so that we may (eventually) have the complete Rack as it has (to date) been advertised?

Including a complete set of “Man-E-Weapons” weapons in red with potential Man-E-Faces figures would drive the cost of this figure too high. We simply are not able to afford that many weapons with one-carded figure. Since we knew fans really wanted those weapons in red, we decided to include them with the Weapons Rack as an avenue to produce them.

4.) Reverend Ender asks: My Sinestro Corps members all have very different shades of yellow coloring, especially SC Batman, who is a much brighter, less orangey shade. Will future SC members vary like this, or can we expect more of a consistent shade? Also, Martian Manhunter’s heads are too big. So is OMAC’s. Inconsistent head size has been a bit of a problem for a while in DCUC, but seems to be getting a lot worse. Any chance for more consistency going forward on this? I guess consistency in general is the over-arching theme of my questions.

We do aim for consistency as much as possible. Many times tooling issues or even human error can effect things. Each and every figure is painted by hand. We strive for the best quality and will pass along your comments to design and our vendor.

5.) Snarf! Snarf! asks: Assuming that the PKE Meter sales are extremely successful, will the idea of selling life sized props extend to other lines, like DCUC, or MOTUC?

We can’t comment on anything officially but, yes, if the PKE meter does well we would look at the possibility of additional prop replicas.

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  1. Reverend Ender


    Yep. I had to exchange my Sinestro Corps. Batman for the exact same reason.

  2. I thought I read a long time ago that the pre-posed DCUC was done with altogether, but there I was exchanging a wave 14 Green Lantern last week since a preposed arm was so bent that it broke off. A couple of others had warps.

    They should probably start printing hot/cold reshaping instructions on the package, like washing direction tags on clothes.

  3. Darren

    In his answer to question #4 did he really say that "Each and every figure is painted by hand."? That shocks me… It seems like everything is automated these days.

  4. Mark

    Thank you so much for asking my question Poe…and getting a decent answer from Mattel, and them saying they will stop with the damaging poses:) What a great Birthday ontop of getting Bravestarr and Blackstar dvds and a few othrs 🙂

  5. @Reverend Ender: They didn't say they were stopping the poses, only that they would stop using the poses that are warping the figures.

    Sort of implying that they knew which poses were warping the figures. Obviously Matty isn't that devious, he's just playing lip service here. Plus how will you know who these legends figures are without them standing in those strange "patented" poses of theirs?

    The WWE team was out of town for most of my questions this week. Hope that's not a trend, because it happened to Poe last time and I just sent a bunch more WWE questions.

  6. Snarf! Snarf!

    @Reverend Ender: those are the mysterious ways in which Mattel works.

  7. Heli

    I'm curious about the wording there; "some poses?" Which ones are they planning to keep?

    And, yeah, I'm curious about why that can't happen for all their lines.

  8. Reverend Ender

    Well, if they pass along my answer to those folks, that would definitely make me happy. What's up with Question 1 though?! No more posing on WWE, but the TON of requests to stop posing this on DCUC, FOR THE SAME REASON (and whose problems are arguably worse, thanks to the frequent use of substandard "softer" plastic), don't matter?!?!?! WTF!?!?!?

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