Joe Amaro makes more stuff we all wish we could buy

Joe Amaro is a customizer who enjoys making things we all wish we could actually own ourselves…his latest creation is Skeletor’s Throne of Bones, MOTUC-style. Click here for more pics to hate him for.



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  1. I wouldn't be shocked at $75 for an assembled and painted throne if it was a resin job. $50 for a kit that you assemble and paint yourself would feel about right.

  2. PrfktTear

    Very nice! More importantly though, what is serving as the background?

    Someone needs to step up and become the Martha Stewart of customizing! 😉

    If someone were to set up a SMC style outfit I would presume that these things would cost somewhere in the ballpark of $40-$50, and thats being conservative.

    Joe did a fantastic job here and I don't want to take away from his work, but I'd imagine that with some sculpey, wire hangers, paint, time, and talent, you could come up with something comperable for much less. Of course I am purely talking out of my rear, and you can take that to the bank. Maybe I'll take some of that phat Christmas cash I hope to get an head down to AC Moore! 😉

  3. dayraven

    that amaro is such a prick… showcasing his awesome work but not selling them for us untalented fanboys! he needs to consider opening up an SMC style operation but his set-up pieces… like if he broke the castle into four walls, that'd be a viable way to sell it, and then do the interior set pieces individually (to ensure investment capital and interest, you'd probably have to do things like the throne first, then do the walls later). then turn around and do the same for snake mountain.

    speaking of, has he done an exterior for snake mountain yet?

  4. I've never been a huge fan of the bone throne, but that custom is SO AWESOME!!!

  5. dlia

    I've seen various custom thrones show up on MOTUC threads on different boards and Facebook and most look great. If Mattel could consider making a throne for the faction leaders and kings/queens it would be a great diorama piece.

    Sitting of course would be a problem. But if they can figure out Swift Wind, the sky's the limit.

  6. FakeEyes22

    I really think Mattel could make something like this that came in 4-5 parts that could be assembled. It could fit in a small flat box.

    It wouldn't be as cool as this one, but even 25% as cool would be decent, right?

  7. Dead Man Walking

    That's VERY nice. But I do prefer MYP's 200X throne. Surprise! Surprise!

    Actually, unlike the figure line and stactions, I'm not a huge fan of the MYP series, but I feel like they got Skeletor's throne right. I think it looks a lot more regal with Skeletor perched so high, and the snake motif fits very well with the actual Snake Mountain. Check out this awesome custom, particularly the better lit pictures down the page.

    The actual 200X slim pit/throne was a joke, though.

    Despite my preference, if that bone-throne were mass produced for $20 I'd buy it.

  8. Barbecue17

    That is beautiful. Great job, Mr. Amaro!

    I like how it actually has a hair like covering for the seat that Skeletor is sitting on. Perhaps a Shadowbeast hide?

  9. Mecha-Shiva

    Haha,that's cool!Mephisto's chair would be a good stand in if you can't customize one.


    100% awesome.

    Considering Mattel plans to drop the Weapons Rak into our hands this year I would definitely like to be part of the movement to get Skelly's bone throne as the next display piece made for the MOTUC line.

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