New Topless Robot list – Top Ten Toys of 2010

I spent all of yesterday flying over the continental United States to return home, so I’m a little late with posting this, but yesterday Topless Robot posted my list of the Top Ten Toys of 2010.

The most controversial entry, I know, is the Tron figure, but that’s there because of Spin Master’s ambitious attempt at some new technology. However, the list is ultimately just one man’s opinion (with some input from Rob at TR), so feel free to disagree as much as you like.


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  1. soundwavempl

    I have to chime in on the GI Joe and Tranformers picks.

    You chose Zartan over the POC Alley-Viper and Jungle-Viper? Really? Even the new black Cobra HISS tank would have been a better choice IMO.

    While WFC Megatron is a great TF figure, WFC Soundwave, Drift, Blurr, and even Thunderwing are better choices to represent the TF: Generations line for 2010 IMO.

  2. nerdbot

    I think the Marvel Legends Black Widow and Winter Soldier – either individually or as one packaged set deserve some recognition. Also Marvel Universe Thanos, Juggernaut, and World War Hulk. The Gamorrean Guard – in fact, many of the Star Wars figures on the retro cards. Several Iron Man 2 figures, including the 6" War Machine, Hulkbuster Iron Man, and comic series Iron Monger.

    Taken together with the well-deserved praise for the BAT-AT and Galactus, and I think it's safe to say it was a very good year for Hasbro.

  3. George

    Yea I think this list was more like the best of each toy line that was available for 2011. I think that crap Tron figure could have been replaced by one of the Halo figures. McFarland's attempt at a comeback would have been nice to be mentioned.

    Or maybe even Hasbro's Marvel Legends/

  4. dayraven

    yeah, the tron thing is guilding the turd, it's not worth a mention when so many quality toys were available to plug.

    that said, venkman? come on, the GB line is crap, it's some of the crappest crap mattel made over the past year, inferior to every other collector's line they made… even avatar got better toys. mentioning venks cuz he completed the roster of crap and tossed in a pack in that should by rites have come w/ everyone… i don't know. i don't marry every girl that blows me, and that inclusion on the list feels like rewarding epic fail. like, for sheer toy coolness, i think the dcu golden pharoah was way cooler than venks. i know there's a geeky attachment to the character but i truly don't feel like the fig delivered on that potential by any stretch.

    and certainly, the AT-AT, galactus, battle cat, these items totally delivered on your expectations and went further to be a really incredible piece.

    i don't know though, maybe it says something about the year in toys if the top ten pieces only have like three or four really special pieces and the rest were more "the best of the rest" than truly epic additions.

  5. Mecha-Shiva

    I wonder why the 6 inch Ironman 2 Warmachine gets no nods,it's a great toy and highly scalp'd.

  6. misterbigbo

    Ditto on the incredible Battle Cat, and I'm surprised to see the Tron toys; I guess the action feature is inventive, but it is executed just so clumsily that I can't take it seriously. Otherwise a great list!

  7. Motorthing

    Already posted over there on this, and I do agree with the list from 4 on down as the BAT-AT not only rocks the Casbah but stomps it it fine paste, but you are going to catch heat for the Tron abomination – I got my 10 yr old son a bunch cos he loves the first film but they are just crap out of the packet and even the light cycle can't perk up these poorly put together cheap plastic insult to knock-offs. Money not-well-spent.

    The "innovative tech" gimmick doesn't save them either, Toybiz tried soemthing similar with large scale wrassling figures a decade ago that talked to each other – but they were shite to play with too…..and never followed up.

    And my figure of the year, topping even Snake-eyes (who was pretty darn cool) MU Thanos…..just wow.

  8. dlia

    "Nerdnet" – the Internet viral term of the year. Thanks TR!

  9. Battle Catman

    Tron figures should get an honorable mention, but not a place on the list. Not knocking you, Poe, but I used to read TR a lot but it became too much bile in my stomach–if it's not Tron or Final Fantasy VII related, it gets shit on from the get-go. Not to mention Rob keeps dragging up the same boring, tired rants about how much Michael Bay sucks or how so-and-so "rapes fans' childhoods." I just quit.

    Battle Cat is a definite contender for the list, but I think WFC Soundwave is better than Megatron.

  10. Mark

    @Heli: I so agree with you. My favouite toy of 2010. So many homages to the first 2 Snake Eyes figures and oters and the comics. I would have liked a back pack aswell tough but all the other accessories make up for it….also I have a spare ROC SE back pack.

    As for Renegades I hope Hasbro make tat big truck ey drive in theeries I would so buy that.

  11. Heli

    If you think Zartan was awesome, you need to check out the new Snake Eyes (Ninja Commando). He rocks the Casbah.

    PS I'm pretty sure the last word from Hasbro was that the Renegades figures will keep up the realistic styling of standard Joes; they might not be quite as cool as POC, but I'm hopeful.

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