Poe on Robot’s Pajama Party Podcast

My good friend Paul (Vincent), previously of the Toy Bender blog and currently of The Robot’s Pajamas, invited me to spend some time yakking about toys on his podcast, the Robot’s Pajama Party. You can check it out on Itunes or simply by clicking the link above.


Toy Aisle Trolls > Sand Pooper


Bastards of the Universe > “A Very Bastards…whatever.”


  1. Thomas B

    i liked the podcast. I will keep listening.

  2. I actually listened to the podcast. It was fun, and for a change Poe wasn't the star of the show.

  3. Mecha-Shiva

    Great interview,very entertaining.I'd get Jessica Biel as Teela,the MOTUC figure already looks like her.

  4. To avoid any confusion, my name on the podcast is Vincent.

    Thanks for joining us, Poe. It was awesome.

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