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1.) AmericanHyena asks: If you gave Romat-Ru unique alien hands, why did Tomar-Re, who is the same species, get human hands?

Because that is how he looked in the reference material provided. There have been many artists over the years who have interpreted DC characters. DCUC is the Mattel/Four Horsemen interpretation.

2.) Mosh asks: What happened to the double articulation on Kyle Rayner? The proto showed double joints on a basic body which could have been the new mold for future figures, did you already ditch that idea?

Some characters in GL Classics and future DCUC waves will have the double articulation when it is logistically possible.

3.) Busterhighman asks: I remember way back in one of these QA’s that Matty explained that the DCUC Green Arrow figure had to come with an arrow permanently attached to his bow for safety reasons and that it was a decision out of Mattel’s hands. The new Bow figure in MOTUC does not have an arrow permanently affixed to his bow. What’s the difference?

Bow’s bow does not have a string so it is not required that an arrow be lodged permanently.

4.) PrfktTear asks: If Green Lantern Classics proves to be popular enough in conjunction with the 2011 film, will there be any consideration be given to producing a Batman themed “Dark Knight Classics” in the same vein for the forthcoming Christopher Nolan-directed Batman film?

We do have big plans for more Dark Knight collector figures to announce at our Collector Night at NYTF Feb 13th from 3-6pm.

5.) Venenor asks: Will we see a continuing trend from here on out in MOTUC with the new bootsculpts that don’t have a visible peg/hole at the ankle like Vikor’s?

While these boots did not make it onto Preternia He-Man we do plan to use them going forward.

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  1. barbecue17

    If Green Lantern can carry a line of its own, there is no reason that Batman shouldn't be able to.

  2. 3B

    Or how about "Gotham City Classics"? Populated by Superman characters, of course.

  3. First off — I'm loving the art! Is Matty channeling his inner Matthew Lesko? If I put on a pair of old school 3D glasses will Matty pop out at me or something? Second — it reminds me of the tech specs on the back of a G1 Transformers box where you needed the decoder to see the image.

    @Poe: I do. So they say they have plans for more Dark Knight collector figures… maybe I should have been a little more careful with my wording, but I thought I was pretty succinct. I would wager a week’s worth of coffee that most people that visit this site know that Batman is also referred to as “The Dark Knight” hence the title of the film, “The Dark Knight”, but does “Matty” know this? When I posed the question about a Batman themed “Dark Knight Classics” line, I was merely speaking generally, not specifically about The Dark Knight – the film. I thought “Dark Knight Classics” sounds a lot cooler for a sub line than “Batman Classics”. I think the LAST thing anyone wants is a new line of 12” figures in the same vein as their Superman/Ghostbusters.

    But, if they go ahead and continue the 6" Movie Masters line with figures people actually care about — well then, let’s have at it!

  4. dayraven

    well done MS, the new matty image is sadly less snarky than the extant matty… but more apropos.

  5. Nik

    Art is badass, M-S.

  6. Mecha-Shiva


    Thanks man,it was Poe's idea for a Killing Joke Matty.

  7. Poe

    This news about a tuxedo Joker/white-face Harley is great. I never cared that much about the whole blue-face Harley thing (seems adequately white to me), but I'm glad those who do will get their corrected version.

  8. 3B

    Yep, bad-ass art as usual! Great work Mecha!

  9. George

    I for one love the Killing Logistics in the image mentioned above.

  10. Poe

    @Dead Man Walking: I'll get to it…I have a life, y'know.

    Anyone else wonder what they mean by the Dark Knight collector figures? I think they misread my question and are referring to something like a 12" Batman.

    On the other hand…maybe they're referring to continuing the 6" Movie Masters line with…a Keaton Batman? Holy crap, that would be awesome.

  11. Dead Man Walking

    No more Matty round-ups?

  12. Megatherium

    I really do love the Pic of matty, HILARIOUSLY true! 😀 Tomar Re in his first appearance has normal humanish hands…

  13. Rand514

    Actually Romat Ru is always pictured with four fingers. I believe it was mentioned that it is a deformity.

  14. Holy crow that's the best Matty image ever! I think I got more out of it then I have any of the answers from all the different ones combined

  15. Poe

    The answers are cool, but c'mon, no love for Mecha-Shiva's artistic masterpiece there?!

  16. TripleM

    I am pleasantly surprised at how forthcoming Matty seems to be this month. Granted, information comes in very tiny drips and drabs, but this month there are quite a few interesting tidbits around the web.

  17. 3B

    Regarding question #1:

    So… Mattel/4H's interpretation of two characters from the same alien species is to have different anatomy?

  18. Thomas B

    my matty translation

    1…wha wha it isn't our fault. it is what DC gave us

    2… no but it would have cost too much to keep it on him and you dumb suckers will buy the toys anyway so what does it matter…cost=logistics.

    the others are fairly straightforward answers…odd lol

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