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Our special guest star for the next storyline: Poe’s own 339/1! Poe shipped him out for his guest spot, and thanks!

Quick note: the wizard Travis mentions in the first panel, is his longtime nemesis Deimos; who was the bad guy in the old Remco Warlord line. In the comic, at one point he was down to an undead head on top of a hand. Very Re-Animator. Even more implausibly, Deimos is available today, in a Justice League Unlimited three pack with Supergirl and the Warlord. Would not have bet on that.

Conan, on the other hand, is referring to Caldix, a wizard who ended up stuck in a dog’s body, in the Robert E. Howard story “The Shadow of the Beast.” Not Howard’s best.

I really thought he was taller, before 339/1 showed up on my door. I also thought it would be easier to find figures in that style today, like in dollar stores; the sort-of pseudo-old school not quite Masters of the Universe body mold? Couldn’t find more for the life of me. A shame, since ten or so impossibly buff and squat guys would make a terrifying army. Does anyone else see those anymore, or have they gone the way of the metal lunchbox and the wooden puppets?


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  1. Poe

    I just want to say that this is my favorite Bastards yet. Googum portrays 339/1 exactly the way I see him in my head.

    And I haven't seen a figure like 339/1 for a long, long time. I bought him over ten years ago, but at that time, his knock-off line–Wrestling Champions–could be found at TRU and so forth. In an amusing twist, Wrestling Champions was actually a knock-off of Remco's WWF line–but in the 1980s Remco was infamous for its MOTU knock-off lines, like Warlord and Warrior Beasts (for which Mattel took them to court–and lost).

  2. Izdawiz

    Now that you mention it, he kind of looks like Picard.

  3. Mecha-Shiva

    All the bootleg wrestlers I see are all Luchadores now.Thanks to the borg reference I hear 339/1 as Picard.

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