Poe Goes to Toy Fair

For the first time ever, Poe Ghostal will be attending Toy Fair this year.

More later.


ToyFare: In Memoriam (Updated)


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  1. I didn't congratulate you before, but that is great news! And if you see any Nightcrawler toys, well, that'd cheer me up.

  2. Matthew K

    Cool! Congrats! I thought it was weird how much crap they were giving you for your credentials (I heard you on the gooble pod). Take lots of pics of TOYPOCALYPSE!

  3. In terms of what Mattel had to show last year for MotUC, they did indeed have a lot of cool reveals that trickled out for most of the entirety of 2010. For reference, I ended up taking a number of pictures during the event, which are here:

    If anyone is interested.

    I'm looking forward to my annual trip as well!

  4. dlia

    Here's some MOTUC "possible early toyfare reveals" courtesy of everyone's fave Mattycollector forum mod Catra's Wrath/Catheter's Rat:

    I think we'll see Catra in her varying headgear

    A lady much desired

    a creature much anticipated

    and he that hath no face…

    I'm skeptical. She called Catra's figure for release in the past and the figure was finally revealed this month. She honestly knows no more than we do. Yet somehow DCUC gets semi-accurate leaks all the time….

  5. Poe, I’ll be at Toy Fair again this year (arriving the Friday before the show and leaving the Thursday after). It’s a great show, and maybe we can run into each other somewhere.

  6. Snarf! Snarf!

    enjoy the Fair, Poe!

  7. americanhyena

    Speaking OF Toyfair.

    Matty keeps saying they’ll show about the same amount of new product THIS year as they did LAST year.

    My question is…how much was that? I’m struggling to remember exactly how many new figures were on display that we didn’t aleady know about?

    I remember for sure Whiplash and Gygor. I want to say She-Ra and Marzo as well. Am I missing any?

    So theoretically we should expect to see around three new figures and maybe the third quarter beast? (Beasts are quarterly, right?)

    I know we’re not expecting to see the vehicle until around SDCC.

    Ha…I’m bored at work and rambling. But yeah…about two weeks.

    Let the guessing games begin :-p

    (I’m guessing Swiftwind.)

  8. Valo487

    @americanhyena: IIRC, They had a pretty stellar showing last year, they revealed Gy-Gor, Keldor, Whiplash, Marzo, She-Ra or Adora(I don't remember which), Tytus and a few others I think. I think their showing for MOTUC was better than what they had for JLU and DCUC, but that could just be personal taste speaking.

  9. Rustin Parr


  10. Poe

    @dayraven: Digicam yes, memory sticks I gotta get…

    I'll be going to Toypocalypse too, but I'm still working out my schedule.

  11. Yes! I hope you have a blast!

  12. dayraven

    poe already owns a really nice digi-cam and plenty of memory sticks therefore, oui?

  13. This needs an epic theme song!

  14. jackstatic

    <– jealous!

    went once a few years ago. had a friend in the industry so i got in thru him. was awesome. will be at the toypocalypse tho (hopefully) that friday night

  15. Brian-Man

    Awesome news! Look forward to your coverage.

  16. Mecha-Shiva

    Sweet,will Poe model beside the toys?

  17. I had my media credential processsed and good to go however, the pending birth of my twin girls definitely trumps gawking at plastic for 3 days. Enjoy Poe!

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