Mr. Potato Head drops weight, goes from spud to stud

I missed this at Toy Fair, but apparently Hasbro unveiled a brand-new, slimmed down Mr. Potato Head called “Active Adventures Mr. Potato Head.” I’m all for encouraging kids to exercise more, but are we really going to blame the traditional Mr. Potato Head for encouraging childhood obesity?

That’s not fair. I’m making a logical fallacy here–just because Hasbro is introducing this “Active” Mr. Potato Head doesn’t mean they think the old MPH is a (ahem) couch potato. But still, this seems a bit like an excuse just to sell the public another Mr. Potato Head toy–and grab some good PR while they’re at it.

Also: maybe I’m just resistant to change, but I don’t like the pants. They look like maternity pants. The pants make him look fatter. Are we to assume that the classic MPH is so fat his pants are riding so low on his waistline only his shoes are visible? Or has he suddenly become sensitive about his spudity? I mean, nudity.

On a final note, who would you rather hang out with–MPH or NPH?

(Thanks to PrfktTear for the heads-up on this.)


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  1. Anonymous

    The new potato head looks like a rapist. His left hand is trying to grab you. Hide your kids, hide your wife!

  2. @Charlie: Haha, yup. I've been there before. I've always taken that approach at various job fairs, cons, etc. I'm a big Spud fan, so I definitely would have been keeping them busy!

  3. @PrfktTear: It's fun to talk to the folks manning the 'ignored booths' at Hasbro – they're always really excited and do a great job! Glad you enjoyed the info.

  4. @Charlie: Thanks! It seems like there was not a lot of TF Potato Head coverage. I don't expect it to get the same treatment other lines get but I'm surprised there was so little notice, especially with the Star Trek, Wizard of Oz, and Three Stooges MPH's announced.

  5. Poe

    @Ben: Haha–I bought one of those off eBay for my wife a few years ago.

  6. Ben

    See, once you mentioned "couch potato," I immediately thought of these:

    Even original MPH is more fit and active than those sad toys!

  7. Hey Poe – I shot a video of the Potato Head booth on the Hasbro tour, in case anyone wants some first-hand info:

    Five new places for 5 new faces! 🙂

  8. Nicholai

    The pants are horrible.

  9. JediCreeper

    I, for one, would love to hang out with Neil Patrick Harris.. he's hilarious and… wait, what are we talking about?

  10. Diego Zubrycky

    The concept of obesity applied to a potato is something ridiculous because mr Potato Head is not human.

    I think Hasbro should create Mr Banana Head or something thinner like that.

  11. THE PR0F3550R

    @Zach: XD So true!

  12. FakeEyes22

    Something about the new MPH…I can feel his blank psychotic eyes in my soul.

    I imagine they wanted to give him some legs so he's more stable and is easier to stand as play with. As he is, he's more like a puzzle you put together, then you're done. More leg plastic, therefore less body plastic to even out costs and fit the weird looking pants fit easier. Then, a postitive spin on the thing for the media. Seems like less room to fit the pieces inside.

    Looks like he's been tweaked all around for a clean, modern design. We should go back to having to supply our own potatoes!

  13. Zach

    This is dumb. He's a potato. If superheroes and Power Rangers can't make kids get off the couch, then why would Mr. Potato Head?

  14. I would most like to hang with the REAL original Mr. Potato Head, the one from my childhood. The one you could make with a real potato, and had pie-cut eyeballs and felt eyelashes. He balanced on a tiny little plastic body.

    He also had a posse of veggie pals, like Mr. Cucumber head and Mr. Carrot Head.

    He was the real deal, not these modern pretenders to the throne!

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