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Eritrea by Geek Creek


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Pic of the Day


  1. Clarkent78

    Impressive shot!

  2. Monte

    Thanks for the update, Barbecue!

  3. Barbecue17

    Hey Monte!

    The SDCC pack will include the new Indy figure with tons of accessories, Indy in a German Soldier's outfit, Marion in the white dress, the German Mechanic, Toht w/ swappable heads, and Satipo (Alfred Molina's character who is Indy's guide who betrays him at the beginning of Raiders). Basically, every figure that was slated to appear in the next Indy wave after the ToD figures.

  4. Mark

    @Poe: Awesome, thanks Poe.

  5. Poe

    @Mark: Geek Creek's been back for a while.

  6. Mark

    Monte, I miss Geek Creek.

  7. Monte

    Barbecue17, I only heard about the Indiana Jones figure with tons of accessories; who else is Hasbro releasing?!?

    That series got SO MUCH better as it went along. If the last series (Grail Knight, etc.) had been the first, the line would have been much better received, methinks.

    All I have is Indiana Jones, young Indy, the soldier on the motorcycle, a Mutt figure (which I got for his leather jacket) and some German or another. No, wait, I also have the evil woman from Crystal Skull (a movie I absolutely love, incidentally). Huh, I didn't realize ntil now how many Indiana Jones figure I'd bought! I love clearance sales…

  8. Monte

    Hey, thanks!

    All my teaching colleagues and my family and I rode a train that day from Asmara into the mountains of Eritrea. Whenever the train stopped, I started frantically photographing toys. (Even I felt a bit self-conscious during those shoots, surrounded as I was by so many people who had no idea what the hell I was doing).

    Unfortunately, it was intensely sunny, and I've never been adept at compensating for direct sunlight in my toy photos, so this is one of only two photos from that day that I'm happy with.

    We've ridden the train twice now, and it's my only opportunity to take photos in these mountains, because they're filled with landmines, and so it's not wise to just take off hiking into them as I'd normally do.

    This is why all my toy photos these days are set against the backdrop of the same cigar plant and water pump… hopefully the yard in our next place has some good to-scale plants, 'cause it's another city where I won't really be wise to just wander freely. More on that soon.

    Here are the two posts from our family travel blog covering the train ride:



    There's tons of people who mean nothing to you all, of course, but there are also some decent shots of the gorgeous countryside. We're out of here in three months; we didn't realize it, but that last train ride was our last.

  9. Fengschwing

    That just plain rocks!

  10. Mark

    Excellent photo.

  11. Barbecue17

    Very cool picture. I love this line and am beyond thrilled that we are getting the last wave of figures at SDCC this year. Thank you, Hasbro!

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