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1.)  I bought that He-Man with the furry cape. Great figure, but the bio says he lost to John Cena in Wrestlemania 22. But John Cena isn’t even an Evil Warrior! Are you going to correct this error?

No, John took the cape fair and square, but we hear Tri-Klops has been sent after him to collect a bounty.

2.) Battle Catman asks: What would happen to Charlie Sheen if he drank Giant Green Tiger Blood?

Likely he would be winning every day.

3.) Masterelrond asks: Can you tell me how much this rare figure I have is worth? It is a LotR figure of an orc with no legs. He comes with a book that I think is the book Gimli that found in Moria. Mine is the rare package variant that has a whole different dude in the bottom of the tray.

This figure is worth exactly 3 pints of Green Tiger Blood.

4.) RM asks: MotU 200X’s “Disco” Skeletor repaint would theoretically be an ideal “A-list” variant, but with the popularity of this variation far surprassing any other anticipated figure in the MotU Classics line, don’t you think that to do proper justice to this amazing figure, it would be best to just do completely new tooling for it, and give “Disco” Skeletor a monthly slot?

Actually, for the 30th anniversary in 2012, every figure in the MOTUC subscription will be released in disco colors as these are so fan demanded.

5.) Barbecue17 asks: I was putting my SDCC Mossman deodorant on in the shower last week and it got wet. Now the deodorant isn’t functioning properly. What should I do?

We suggest rubbing Patchouli all over your body, spraying yourself with glue and rolling around in flocking.


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  1. Captain Zero

    Charlie Sheen joke:

    How many drugs did Charlie Sheen take??

    Enough to kill two and a half men!!

  2. masterelrond

    Thanks to Poe and TG for using my funny!

  3. Reverend Ender


  4. dayraven

    i’m amazed that they “got it” but it sure seems they did. cute.

  5. Battle Catman

    Whoo! They used my question!

    Whoo! It was possibly referenced in another answer!

  6. Damien

    Terrific responses. I'm glad Matty got into the spirit and had some fun with it. Good call, Poe.

  7. ero

    That was a lot of fun. Good on them.

  8. Rustin Parr

    yeah… that was surprisingly funny

    good call on the humor Q's, Poe


    hahaha great!

  10. The Flash III

    The most informative answers ever. Nice questions, Poesters!

  11. Haha… nice! I had a couple good chuckles.

  12. Fengschwing

    Well, you have to hand it to them for entering into the spirit of things!

    I'm a bit irritated that I forgot to ask when they were going to release Swamp-Thing in DCUC though…

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