Attack of the Show to Queen Marlena: Drop dead.

Is the post title uncalled for? I don’t think so. Poor Queen Marlena.

It looks like AFOS wins the contest, since he guessed Marlena and Stay Puft. A few other people got one right, but not two. AFOS, shoot me an email to poe AT and I’ll set you up with the gift certificate. has some good screencaps of the video. Mattycollector/Facebook will presumably offer better pics later today.

More info from ToyGuru and my own thoughts on the reveals after the jump.

ToyGuru posted an update on the lack of a MOTUC SDCC reveal on Attack of the Show last night:

We filmed them but AOTS clearly did not air them.

The SDCC MOTUC item will be Queen Marlena. She will come with a sword, staff, Cringer (articulated at the head and tail) as well as an alternate head, space tunic with bubble helmet, rifle, gun belt and pistol to transform her from the Queen back into Captain Glen (or the other way around!)

She will be packed out as Queen Marlena at SDCC and as Captain Glenn on after the show. Both versions will have all the parts for both figures but each will have a bio unique to the pack out.

I’m sorry to hear AOTS did not show the footage we shot for this figure, but we’ll have more details posted tomorrow (as well as images and a video changing the figure from Queen to Space explorer) posted tomorrow!

He also had some info on Swamp Thing:

It’s actually not rubber. It is an entirely new process we patented. The closest thing I can think of is the old Art Asylum Star Trek Enterprise 6″ figures (but not the same). It isn’t rubber like Clayface. Bill Benecke and the Horsemen really pulled off an amazing innovative toy!

My thoughts on the various reveals:

Marlena & Cringer: To me, the most interesting thing about this is that the astronaut outfit seems to confirm that Marlena will be from Earth. I’ve always liked that idea myself. The two different outfits is neat, though one wonders if Marlena will look a bit zaftig when the dress is on. The unique bios are an interesting touch that doesn’t risk pissing fans off.

The Cringer looks very Filmation. I know some fans are bummed he’s under-articulated, but I’m not that disappointed. I want my Battle Cat to be well-articulated, but I don’t need Cringer to be.

Swamp Thing: Swampy just returned to the DCU in comics, and here’s his DCUC figure. Frankly I never understood the whole DCU/Vertigo split or why characters from one “universe” (or more accurately, imprint) couldn’t exist, as an “alternate” version or whatever, in another (seems like editorial pedanticism is the only real answer).

But I digress. Remember how I’ve been saying the only DCUC figures I buy now are Bat-family-related? Yeah. This will be an exception. I love Swamp Thing–primarily for Alan Moore’s run on it, but I’m also a fan of the first movie and the 1990 cartoon series and associated toy line by Kenner. Also, I’ll need to get the SDCC version, because I must have those UnMen (so they can hang out with Weed Killer).

The whole not-rubber-super-plastic thing intrigues me. I know a lot of people have said their Clayface figure deteriorated over time, but somehow that hasn’t happened to mine. Still, it sounds like they’ve at least tried to solve that problem. Really interested to see/own/love this figure.

I like the “mask” packaging too, and the biodegradable aspect is a cute touch (kinda wish all the toys’ packaging was biodegradable, but that’s me).

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man: I own the NECA one, and yes, that thing is bigger. It also doesn’t appear to have that stucco-like texture the NECA version had, which Michael Crawford liked but I think makes the figure seem less convincing. I’m unclear on what this new figure is made of–it’s squishy, so is it plush? Or like an actual dog chew toy or something?–but anyway: I want it. I haven’t the slightest idea where I’m going to put it…but I want it. And that packaging is insane. Funny that his arm pops off in the video.

Kilowog: It says “first available at Comic-Con,” suggesting we’ll see this at retail eventually–possibly as a BAF? This may be old news for all I know. Anyway, I’m not really into the GL movie stuff, but the figure looks cool. Interesting note: Green Lantern will have been out for a month by SDCC. Will it have been a huge success, a moderate success, or a box office bomb? I suspect the reviews will be mixed and the film will be a moderate but not epic success. If I had to bet on a movie being huge this summer, it would be Thor.

Polly Pocket She-Ra trio: Don’t really have anything on this aside from the half-second pics but (sigh) I’ll get it. Hey, it’s MOTU.

Voltron: Dr. Mrs. Ghostal actually saw this segment on AOTS before I did (I was at a night class), and she said she thought the Voltron looked a little cheap, and I kind of agree. That might be due to it being based on the vintage cartoon style. I’ve just never been into Voltron, not in the slightest bit, so I’ll be passing on this one.

Young Justice 6″ Superboy: This appears to be Superboy in his Project Cadmus clone prototype outfit. Right?

Barbie Carol Ferris: I…guess that’s cool?

Blue-haired Bratz-looking doll: I have no idea what that is.

Frankenberry: I can only assume we’re getting super-articulated General Mills Monsters action figures. Or at least, we’d better. (Kidding. Word is this is some sort of Hot Wheels thing.)


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  1. Mark

    Nothing there interests me…not even the Voltron, hopefully the new Voltron Force toys are good.

  2. Supermanjunkie78

    I usually pre-order my SDCC stuff since I'm from the Philippines. Nothing interests me on Mattel's line-up. Intrigued with Voltron but not that much… Guess another pass!

    BTW, recently found the GL-movie figures and sadly they are a definite pass! So that Kilowog doesn't do anything for me. My DCUC Kilowog is tons better than that one!

  3. So I'm the only one here who thinks the Polly Pockets look awesome, aren't I?

    Probably best I'm not attending Comic Con: I'd pick up almost everything. Ironically, I'd skip the Staypuff: he's incredibly cool, but my apartment is overflowing as it is, and he's not exactly small.

  4. Scott

    @ Thrawn:

    Toguru said an adult Cringer is possible, but not in the next few years.

  5. Captain Zero

    Liked the presentation.!!

    I think the girl was sweet…

    and, together, they ran thru the figures coming our way. Swamp Thing should be great…(even without Alan.)

  6. Motorthing

    Will buy Swamp Thing, might get Kilo and Voltron, could care less about AstroQueen – good job because the only way to get this crap over here is through Evilbay so it's a case of less has to be more.

    "Easily available on Matty…." oh Dayraven you do make me chuckle…..

  7. Thrawn

    I'm very happy about Marlena. Finally after two plus decades she gets a figure. I love that she has two differet outfits. I prefer the Queen gown version.

    It's cool for me. She's Randor's wife, and He-Man and She-Ra' mother. I have more use for her than I do the ever growing collection of dead Preternia characters.

    She will look stunning posed with the Randor, Teela, Man-At-Arms, Adam, and Orko. She can also make a good hostage for Skeletor and Beastman to be posed with.

    She's also Skeletor's sister-in-law. That's interesting right there. Skeletor stole her daughter from her, so you know if anybody has a reason to hate Skeletor she does.

    I'm disappointed in the lack of articuluation for Cringer if this is meant to be the only classic version of him. He looks great though.

    Hopefully we can get an adult version of him fully articulated, but smaller than Battle Cat. That buck could also be used for Catra's cat form.

  8. PresidentJuggernaut

    I don't think its surprising or insulting that they overlooked Marlena. They obviously couldn't keep them all in, and Marlena, the Polly Pockets, and the Barbie are the obvious choices to edit out. Cool alien Lantern? Awesome Swamp Thing? Superarticulated Voltron robot? Giant Stay Puft? All these seem to have more obvious appeal. Hell, I'm somewhat into MOTU and I couldn't care less about her figure.

  9. dayraven

    @ Scott:

    you didn't hear? olivia munn gave randor herpes, and marlena called the network and threatened a huge lawsuit… that's why AotS is now munn-less… no doubt, they resent the dickish move on the queen's part.

  10. Scott

    Yeah, I think "Attack of the Show to Queen Marlena: Drop dead" is a bit overkill (no pun intended). It makes it sound like the show has something personal against a piece of plastic in a green dress.

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