Pic of the Day > Auger Again by Deimos-remus

Auger Again


NECA news > 7″ Robocop, SDCC exclusives


Pic of the Day > Isaac Clarke by |Optimus Prime|


  1. Mark

    @ Fengschwing:

    I never seen these in the UK either.

  2. Fengschwing

    We never had these in the UK, they do look very cool, especially the Cthulhu looking one. I do remember reading the comic though, maybe it was a back up strip in Action Force or Star Wars…?

  3. I had him as well. I also had the blue and green guy who always looked like RGB Ray to me.

  4. thomas

    i LOVED this line as a kid. It needs to be remade since i need me some more awesome monsters!

  5. Brad Rader

    I had this as a kid and really miss it.

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