Poe Ghostal, the Minimate

Waaaaaay back in early February I teased you with this photo, which then went long unexplained. Well, the time has come to reveal just what that was!

Meet Poe the Minimate!

Forged in the fires of Minimatefactory.com, this incredibly handsome action figure is the work of toysmith Luke Porter. Here’s what Luke had to say about the process of creating this masterpiece:

The figure was made with a standard Minimate base figure with decals for the face, chest, shins, and forearm bands. The staff is a combination of a Lego antenna and the Stargirl Minimate’s cosmic staff. The hat is from The Spirit Minimate with the hair removed and the brim widened using Fixit Sculpt. The shoulder piece was also sculpted using Fixit Sculpt, and the cape is modified from an existing cape using a big sharp hobby knife. Fixit Sculpt is my favorite sculpting clay – it is a two part epoxy that is very workable, and yet very strong. You get about an hour of working time with it, and 12 hours later is it hard enough to be sanded and painted. For paint I used Citadel paints because they have the best consistency and color mixing. I water down my paints with a little bit of water and use multiple coats in order to get a smoother surface that is free of brush strokes. After coating the figure with clear coat, I add the final details with an ultra fine sharpie permanent marker.

I have several tutorials on Minimate decal design, painting, and sculpting here at the Minimate Factory: http://minimatefactory.com/blog/?page_id=285

Thanks to Luke for this amazing custom! Be sure to visit Luke’s site for all your Minimate needs.


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  1. Looks very cool! Great job as always.

  2. Wes

    Nice! I can't really get into Minimates — I don't really like the look of them, since the official ones mostly come off looking like uninspired customs to me… but then actual Minimates customs end up looking pretty darned awesome. It's a shame that the other in-scale figures in awesome tiny Poe's universe will look so lame by comparison.

  3. Luke is good people. Awesome! Maybe he'd like to make a certain robot?? heh

  4. Wug

    Fantastic work as usual, Luke!

  5. That is classic! You've know you've made the bigtime, Poe, when they're making toys based on you!

  6. I'm glad you liked him! I was really happy with how he turned out. I love making dramatic characters like this. 🙂

    @ Megaduce Flare:

    For most minimates you can switch up the parts easily with no damage to the paint. It gets a little trickier with customs though!

  7. Barbecue17

    That is really, really cool. Always fun to have an action figure of yourself!

  8. Acevedo

    So it's kinda like a "mini-me" minimate of you….

  9. 3B

    Very awesome!

  10. Well, I definitely need a little Jester Goblin one of these, and to think I was content with my LEGO version!

  11. I don't really like minimates, but that thing looks awesome. Very impressive.

  12. Gorgeous work especially on the cape! Luke's stuff is always impressive and the use of the Cosmic Rod is pretty inspired

  13. That's fantastic!

  14. Fengschwing

    Well done that man.

  15. Dead Man Walking

    You know what we need? A 200X Poe Ghostal. Yeah, I said it.

  16. Ben

    Oh, wow! That's awesome!

  17. Megaduce Flare


    Stupid question; can you easily use parts from other minimates (the Powerhouse Chest for example) or would that ruin the paint and/or decals?

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