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Is this…thing a repainted Man-Bat?


It’s Sy-Klone Day!


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  1. Will wonders never cease?! That's one damn fine health hazard right there! 🙂

  2. Monkey boy

    Looks like the joints aren't there. I loved that man bat figure, I'd recognize it anywhere.

  3. americanhyena

    Or are those joints obscured by the package?

  4. americanhyena

    I don't think it's repainted so much as someone bootlegged the original mold but the original figure was definitely the BTAS Man-Bat. Looks like it lost some of the articulation in the process though. The original had ball shoulders and hinge elbows.

    Gotta love the obvious scam shipping.

  5. izdawiz

    @ Andrew Davis:

    Because that's how long it takes to teach a Donkey how to fly.

    Now step aside folks, because this awesome item will be mine!!

    (or not…)

  6. More weird is the shipping time and price!

    $10 for Mexican Air Mail that will take 45-55 days with no insurance.

    $55 for three day UPS.

    Why in the name of God would it take 55 days?

  7. Poe

    @ Ben: The artwork does have an awesome, psychedelic 1960s/1970s vibe to it…you just know, thirty years from now, this packaging art from some obscure Mexican artist will be the subject of an exhibition at the MoMA and dozens of art history papers.

  8. Ben

    Like any great bootleg, it's clearly influenced by Man-Bat and borrows heavily from the original design. Personally, I'm waaaaaay more interested in the artwork than the figure itself!

  9. Nik

    Its not the DCSH/DCUC manbat.. maybe a BTAS toy?

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