DCUC > Tux Joker & White-Face Harley revealed

I’ve never been as bothered as some collectors about the blue on the original DCUC Harley’s face, but those who are will be happy to see the first pics of this two-pack, which also features a tux-wearing Joker. I’m more excited about the Golden Age Joker coming as part of the Batman Legacy line, but I’ll be getting this pack too.

These pics evidently surfaced at an Asian auction site, so presumably we’ll be seeing these on shelves in a few months.

Like most DCUC Toys R Us exclusives, this is based on Alex Ross art, specifically the famous Tango of Evil.

(via Toynewsi)


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  1. Captain Zero

    It's been a while since DCUC has made any figure that I wanted.

    I'm in for this two-pack… and that Golden Age Joker, Sprang-like BATMAN, and a couple of others.

    Hope I can find it!!

    I still luv DCUC!!

    Wished they'd finish some of our groups.

  2. Mecha-Shiva

    Ohh,a must get for me,but I kinda like the Hush Harley head more.

  3. FakeEyes22

    I'm fine with my blue face Harley and I really like my DCD Hush version, so I'll pass.

    At the same time, this is one of the best 2 packs yet. Changed face or not, I'm really happy for those who missed Harley and a tux Joker beats so many of the more minor color changes you find in these.

    Looking at it again though…that Harley is way better. The costume colors are much bolder.

  4. Snarf! Snarf!

    @ Battle Catman:

    @ dayraven:

    If this was any other toy company I'd say "you're nuts!" Sadly, this is Mattel we're speaking of… Here's hoping for a non-screwed 2 pack!

  5. Mark

    I can honestly there are no Mattel products I am interested in buying from their curent toylines.

  6. Thrawn

    That looks like a good pack. For a decent price I might just pick this up. I don't have a Harley yet.

  7. I'd probably get the set for her and try to sell off the Joker. One Joker is enough for me.

  8. Bigbot

    That thigh hinge looks horrible in that pic. Why couldn't they have given Harley those newer hips DC has used for their female figures?

  9. JAG2045

    Ive normally passed on the 2 packs but I really want this, a normal harley quinn and her puddin' is to good to pass up

    I also really dig the hearts around the figs in the bubble 😉

  10. Tom-Tom

    Looks really nice, I may actually pick this set up. I'll wait until reviews come in to read about any QC issues, but so far I'm sold.

  11. dayraven

    @ Battle Catman:

    exactly, the number of way's mattel can botch this would stagger the mind… they don't believe in doing things right for right reasons. they'll make us pay, in more ways than one, for wanting this pack.

  12. Fengschwing

    I have both of these from the first time round, but I have to say I like this set enough to spring for it again, at the right price.

  13. Battle Catman

    Snarf! Snarf! wrote:

    Mattel doing something right and fan requested!? The END OF THE WORLD IS UPON US!!

    Wait for it.

    Either it'll ship in small numbers due to shelves creaking with the weight of leftover Supergirl/Luthor 2-packs, or the "dynamic" packaging will do serious harm to the figures.

  14. Motorthing

    If the price is right even I might pick this up…..and I'm the only known Nerd in Geekdom that loathes both characters.

    Good job.

  15. Snarf! Snarf!

    I need a Joker and a Harley. This 2 pack fulfills that need… Mattel doing something right and fan requested!? The END OF THE WORLD IS UPON US!!

  16. Barbecue17

    Just saw this over on Toynewsi. Great looking set. Other than two of the GLclassics figures I bought for the heads, I haven't picked up any DCUC in a long time. This might sway me, depending on the price. Under 25.00- absolutely. Above 25.00- probably not. Honestly, I'm anticipating around 35.00….

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