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  • As you’ve no doubt noticed, it’s been very, very dead around here lately. That should change over the next week or so, and much more so by the end of the month. Real life has been interfering, but fear not, I’ll soon nip that in the bud.
  • In other news, the early reviews of Catra, the Faceless One and Battleground Teela are all over the place. Here are the Fwoosh’s, and here are Pixel Dan’s. Remember to hate both VeeBee and Pixel Dan for all these freebies. Because I totally do.
  • The Creative Licensing Corporation spilled the beans on two of NECA’s new licenses: Rambo and Evil Dead II. They misspelled NECA a few times, which seems…odd. So far we know we’ll get Rambo and Ash figures. No shocks there, but I do have to say, of all the McFarlane figures NECA’s redone, Ash is probably the most warranted. McFarlane’s Ash was terrible. And after all the hard work we ED freaks had put into getting it…I used to be VERY into Evil Dead. I tried so damned hard to like that figure at the time, but it was awful. Just awful. Awkwardly pre-posed, barely articulated, and frankly Toy Biz’s Autolycus figure looked more like Bruce Campbell than this one did (OK, that’s an exaggeration). The best thing about that figure were the accessories. Anyway, I have little doubt that NECA will kick McFarlane’s Ash into the stratosphere. A redo that’s long overdue.
  • Oh, I almost forgot: Thor comes out today. You going tonight?


Pic of the Day > Kaws X Lazzarini Distorded Companion Black Version by Pata.


Pic of the Day > Orrorebackdrop by Ridereyu


  1. Captain Zero

    I thought THOR …was a pretty good movie.

    I felt an obligation to see it because of my buying JIM #83 off the spinner rack… and I owe Stan and Jack big-time.

    Glad it was so well done.

    The cast and story were very good.!!

  2. FakeEyes22

    Hopkins was decent, with a few good moments. He certainly wasn't bad, but he didn't outshine anyone. Hopkins at 100% may have turned it into the Odin show.

    I'd imagine that Brannagh got the performance he wanted out of him.

  3. For those of you who saw Thor, how was Anthony Hopkins? Did he phone it in or was he actually doing some good work? I'm a big fan of his (c'mon, he's Hannibal Lecter) but sometimes it seems like he's mis-cast or just sorta strolling through a roll.

  4. FakeEyes22

    I am also back from Thor!

    I think it's really cool. Like Iron Man, a fun, charismatic performance really added to my appreciation of a character that I've enjoyed on the surface, but not much deeper than that.

    As a comic nerd who hasn't read many of Thor's solo comics, I thought they did a nice job playing around with his comic world while keeping it enjoyable for everyone

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