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1.) Zach asks: I’ve noticed a disheartening increase in the amount of Collect-N-Connect figure pieces stolen from the packages of DC Universe Classics figures. While their placement in the package (at the bottom, behind the name card) looks great, it makes it easier for thieves to steal them unnoticed. Would you consider laying out the packaging differently, with the C’n’C piece more prominently displayed, to hopefully help prevent theft?

In-store theft is something Mattel has very little control over. We actually did a lot of testing and fans greatly preferred the pieces packed below as to not have a “floating limb” near their figure for those who wanted to keep figures in package. While this is good feedback, we don’t have plans to reposition the C&C pieces at this time.

2.) Nicholai asks: Why the decision to go with a Batman Legacy sub-line when the Green Lantern sub-line did not pass two waves? Was GLC not meant to go on longer?

The Green Lantern Classics line was always only 2 waves. It was designed to get GL product out pre movie to excite collectors. It did not get canceled after two waves, it was only planned out to be a two wave Spring 2011 line until GL Movie Masters hit on May 1st!

3.) Muldertp asks: In February 2010 at ToyFair, Mattel displayed a Trixie action figure as part of the Toy Story assortment. As far as I know this figure has never been released (although I just recently found the similarly displayed Lotso and Big Baby in 2-packs at Toys R Us). What (if any are the plans to release this figure, as my son has been begging for this figure?

We have made and continue to make Trixie in the Buddy figure scale. We have not to date shared plans of making her in our 6″ scale, but 2012 could be a different story! Stay tuned!

4.) Motorthing asks: Removing articulation from your 3.75″ figures always draws a less positive reaction from collectors and usually foreshadows a poor response at retail as evidenced by DCIH and to some extent Avatar – could you not leave basic knee and elbow articulation on these sculpts as some of your direct competitors do?

Toy Guru jumping in on this one:

“I presume you are talking about our new GL basic figure assortment for the movie? These 3 ¾” are aimed at kids. Articulation was scaled down because according to our testing this feature is not as important to kids compared to putting more into things like accessories and including a ring for kids. When we do collector lines we do strive to add in articulation and detail (like with our GL Movie Master line!). At the end of the day not every toy Mattel makes can be aimed at collectors. In the case of GL basic figures, these are kid targeted figures. That is why you don’t see as much articulation on the 3 ¾” scale.”

5.) What are the approximate release dates for the initial Batman Legacy figures (late summer, early fall, etc.)?

Likely late summer or early fall. [D’oh…I walked right into that one. –PG]


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  1. Mattel seems to forget that the people asking were kids too at one point- and let me tell you we wanted KNEES.

    The GL mini figures are just sitting around up here.

  2. It's simple really. The term 'kid' is Mattel slang for 'maximizing profits.' Once you know that, the answer makes perfect sense:

    "“I presume you are talking about our new GL basic figure assortment for the movie? These 3 ¾” are aimed at MAXIMIZING PROFITS. Articulation was scaled down because according to our testing this feature is not as important to MAXIMIZING PROFITS compared to putting more into things like accessories and including a ring for MAXIMIZING PROFITS…In the case of GL basic figures, these are MAXIMIZING PROFITS targeted figures. That is why you don’t see as much articulation on the 3 ¾” scale.”"


  3. muldertp

    Thanks for asking my question! It seems odd that they are keeping quiet about a figure that was shown at a convention almost 2 years ago now, though.

  4. Motorthing


    They (TG no less) "answered" my spoof-question with a lesson in Mattynomics as to why they can't make a decently articulated figure at the smaller scale and Hasbro can.

    And it seems it's because they just aren't meant for me. Or my money. Or my family. Or anyone else that likes decent quality indusry standard toys.

    Just wow.

    I really need that shower now – it's like being seen by the Eye of Sauron.

    Bravo for slicing it out of my usual sark and using it though Poe – at least they had to reach into the barrel beyond "stay tuned…."

  5. Ridureyu

    I see nobody answered my urgent question.

  6. Nicholai

    I'm going to be honest and say I'm happy with the answer I received on my question. Glad to hear it about GL Classics. I wonder if Mattel will do a similar line for Superman before his new movie comes out but before any Movie Masters hits. There are still some Super-Family characters who need to happen!

  7. Snarf! Snarf!

    That's BULL! I bet my Snarfing butt that it was a Logistics issue!

    Let me get this straight: Kids don't play with GI Joe, or Marvel toys?

    Mattel's GL toys look 'Happy Meal' Like… For what they cost they should've brought a Burger, soda and fries with them… Soemhow Hasbro manages to make their Kids toys that work well with collectors too… How come the world's greatest toy company is unable to do that?

    I'd rather have a visible floating limb and know that it's there than going to the store and not finding a toy with it's BAF part because Mattel helped the thieves… It's hard enough to find Mattel Product on shelves, now it's a whole new game… Find the product WITH the BaF piece!

    It ain't swell, it's Mattel!

  8. Supermanjunkie78

    Lousy excuse on the articulation for the smaller figures! If the entire industry subscribes to that lousy reasoning we wont be seeing those cool GI Joe, Star Wars, Marvel Universe, anything Hasbro 3.75' figures! There is a reason why Hasbro is the king of action figures of that scale, its because Mattel are cheap idiots!

    Also, don't they realize that those 3.75" GL figures have BETTER sculpts than their "movie masters" figures? Given Hasbro-type articulation would have made these figures THE BEST action figures out there! Toy Guru is really missed that for us fans! 🙁

  9. Mark

    Hasbro,Bandai, Jakks, Spin Mastrs and Character Options have all made well articulted 3.75" figures.

    Its shows how poor Mattel's 3.75" figures are when toylines from '83 have superior sculpts and articulation. DCIH and Green Lantern are an embarassment when you compare them to the MU, G.I. Joe and Thor figures etc that are on the shelves. Could you imagine what their 3.75" Thundecats would have been ike? LMAO.

  10. Fengschwing

    With regards to the articulation issue, I have to agree with Newton, Hasbro can do it, so why can't Mattel? They just seem to be owning Mattel at every turn.

  11. FakeEyes22

    I can see how they went with aiming one GL scale at kids since the Movie Masters are so collector focused.

    At the same time, when I was 4 years old I tossed aside most Star Wars figures as soon as G.I.Joes arrived with all of their articulation. And I loved Star Wars.

  12. I can't fathom why you wouldn't try to target both collectors and kids? I have no idea where they got the idea that kids didn't like articulation.

    You don't have to cater to the collectors, but there should be some basic standard that Mattel tries to reach, in order to maximize their sales potential. I think they need a major shakeup over there, because it seems like a lot of the folks in charge are confused.

  13. Barbecue17

    The articulation issue with Green Lantern seems like less of a "kid issue" and more of a "Mattel issue." Apparently everyone else putting out halfway decent figures is missing out on the huge kid demographic.

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