Batman Legacy packaging is shockingly awesome

The first wave of Batman Legacy singles have popped up on eBay, and the packaging is…well, see for yourself.

Click for full size

Is that Jim Lee art on Batman’s package?

On a related note, you can see pics of the Joker figure loose here.




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  1. Mark

    Mr Freze should look a lot more like his Super Powers figure.

  2. Fengschwing

    I like the look of the Batman figure, but I already have a pretty good Joker from wave 10 and I can't stand the deco on Freeze, plus, as Mark already mentioned, I'll have to sell a kidney to import these from the States, so, pass.

  3. Mark

    I honestly would buy these if they were easily available in the UK, but like any cool thing Mattel makes we do not get it.

  4. finkrod

    I'm actually with DMW on this; I don't much care for packaging one way or another. Its pretty though I guess. Cool to see them going with the Super Powers paintjob on Mr. Freeze. Is that color scheme strictly toy based or did Freeze ever wear such a patriotic outfit? Not a Bat-historian 😉

  5. Dead Man Walking

    The packaging looks kind of cool, but as someone who opens their figures I can't help but think of how much waste there is in these packages.

  6. Poe

    BubbaShelby wrote:

    “Is that Jim Lee art on Batman’s package?” That made me giggle.

    …and the "jeans-bulging package" remark in the Duke review didn't? Too obvious?

  7. "Is that Jim Lee art on Batman’s package?" That made me giggle.

  8. That is some cool packaging! There's a sort of retro vibe to it, something that harks back to '80s and early '90s action figures.

  9. Valo487

    The packaging does look good. It's a shame they didn't put more effort or creativity into the character choices/sculpts.

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