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  • Mattycollector is having a “Mad Matty Monday” next week on the 27th. The idea is for $40, you get three items that exceed the $40 value. There’s a DC set, a MOTU set, and a Ghostbusters set. One thing to keep in mind is that the third item in the MOTU set could be display stands, and the DC set could contain JLU items as well as DCUC items. I’ll be curious to see how these do. I suspect the MOTU sets will sell out fairly quickly.
  • Figure previews around the Web: Pixel Dan reviews ClawfulMegator and Young Justice Robin; Fwoosh has  SDCC Movie Masters Kilowog and DCUC Series 17.
  • Saw X-Men: First Class this weekend, and quite enjoyed it. I think Marvel and its licensors may have made a mistake by not giving more credit to this flick, though admittedly there aren’t many toy-friendly designs in it–maybe diamond Emma Frost, Mystique, and Beast. Much has been made of January Jones’ mediocre acting, and here’s my contribution: she reminded me of Gwyneth Paltrow’s role in the fake Austin Powers movie (as “Dixie Normous”) in Goldmember.
  • The site redesign proceeds apace. We’re getting closer to the big relaunch, but we’re not quite there yet. It’s looking good, though.


Pic of the Day > Kneel Before Scarabus! by Kwehttamm


CoilCon slithering through the Midwest in July


  1. I liked X-Men First Class a lot. I dare say it might even be my new favorite superhero movie (the contender being X-Men 2)

  2. Ronnie

    As a very unsteady guy in terms of income and ability to be on top of Matty's insane scheduling, I'm probably going to order either a DC set or a Ghostbusters set.

  3. nerdbot

    @ PrfktTear:

    Yeah, that's just it: 40 bucks (plus shipping) is just too much for me to spend for some things I might want.

    When it comes to stuff that was on their site, if I absolutely wanted it, then either I have it already or it is sold out. So the contents of the box would almost certainly be things I wouldn't be particularly excited about.

    Griffin wrote:

    Do you think the sets will all be the same or will they essentially be random grabbags of stuff Mattel wants to get rid of?

    Maybe I’m being cynical, but I have to think “random grabbags of stuff Mattel wants to get rid of” nails it.

  4. nerdbot

    I'm definitely seeing X-Men this week.

    Not Green Lantern, though. But it's not the horrible reviews that are keeping me away; it's the godawful trailers and ads, the tacky looking CGI, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively that all combine to make me not want to spend a dime on it.

  5. Griffin

    Do you think the sets will all be the same or will they essentially be random grabbags of stuff Mattel wants to get rid of?

    I'd be happy if it was whiplash. Missed him the first two times.

  6. Ben

    I'm glad so many people are enjoying X-Men: First Class. I was a big fan of X-Men back in the 1990s, and I'm so glad to see my favorite superhero team FINALLY get another decent movie after the last two stinkers (Last Stand and Wolverine).

  7. Chris

    I was able to go out and see Green Lantern this weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it. Looking forward to catching X-MEN sometime this week. I honestly couldn't care less about what critics say – I like to form my own opinion about something after I've at least given it a chance.

  8. The blind box sets are an intriguing idea. At first I thought it was pretty dumb though. I guess I’d like to know a little more before biting on one. Maybe I’m being a little slow here but I presume they will only have merchandise that has been previously sold and is basically leftover stock they want to get off their hands.

    I’m just not seeing where the enticement is for someone who may already have all of the figures. If you’re playing catch-up though and need to bolster your ranks it may be a good deal. I guess most ppl should just expect to get 2 figures and a set of stands. Maybe they’ll throw out few Tytus’ or Orkos or something just to “sweeten the deal”. Still though, $40 clams is a lot to shell out and not know what you’re going to get. Its one thing to pay $3.50 for a Lego minifigure or a blind boxed vinyl figure…

    I saw X-Men last weekend. I went in without any expectations and I really enjoyed it. January Jones didn’t really bother me, she was just there. I really enjoyed Jennifer Lawrence’s performance though. I saw that Green Lantern took in something like $52M this weekend. I’ve heard poor things about Green Lantern, I still think I’ll see it though.

  9. nerdbot

    I guess the mystery of what will be in the box is sort of intriguing. But Mattel doesn't exactly have a history of pleasantly surprising me.

  10. misterbigbo

    I can't for the life of me articulate why I am interested in the MOTU sale. It sure as hell hasn't anything to do with Matty's stellar marketing. Maybe the surprise of it all, like a giant blind-box. I'm probably the only person who'd be psyched to get Stratos…

  11. Braystreet

    Anyone else think the Ghostbusters will just be cloth figures? Probably DC too.

    They cancelled the line, afterall.

  12. Heli

    Don't forget that the MOTU pack could also include some of those MOTU art posters that nobody wanted.

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