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1.) Zach asks: Many fans, myself included, purchased all four of the Ghostbusters (including slimed Peter) when they were first released. None of these Ghostbusters came with a proton stream accessory. When will fans be able to purchase a set of 4 proton streams to go with our Ghostbusters figures?

No, there are no plans to offer the Proton Streams right now outside of that Peter figure. For the Ghostbusters line the accessories are often a selling point for the figures so we will not offering them in another format at this time.

2.) wilyjeff asks: Hasbro has clearly found a winning method of producing 3.75″ figures that are fun, detailed, highly articulated, loaded with accessories, and affordable, across both their own properties (G.I. Joe) and licensed ones (Marvel), that appeal to kids and collectors alike. Does Mattel pay attention to the production and/or marketing strategies of its competition in the boy’s action figure aisle?

Yes, we are always looking at competitive toys and new concepts introduced into the marketplace.

3.) George asks: I bought the DCSH 12″ Batman and it was really nice, then I bought the SDCC 12″ Flash and it was really nice, but then I bought the 12″ Green Lantern–it’s much more expensive than the prior two, and it’s flimsy, really light and has no stand. Why is it we keep getting lower quality products for higher prices?

Costs have risen significantly in the last few years. This is why we can no longer keep the stands with the 12 inch figures and maintain at $29.99 SRP.

4.) Heli asks: I was looking over the Green Lantern product at a local store and was surprised to see that a four-figure multipack actually cost more than four individual figures, despite containing exactly the same figures and accessories as the single-carded versions. I’ve noticed similar practices in the multipacks for other lines (like DCUC), where two figures packed together with less accessories than their single carded versions cost as much as (or more than) the single versions, which offer more value. I don’t know if I’m speaking for every consumer, but I generally expect multipacks to cost less per item than single packs. Understanding that Mattel doesn’t control particular retailer pricing, you DO offer suggested retail pricing to your partners; why was it decided that multipacks should be priced this way?

The suggested retail price for the four pack is actually $29.99 which is lower then the cost of 4 figures. Each retailer, in the end, sets their own prices and this is not something Mattel can control.

5.) wally2974 asks: Now that you have the rights to use likenesses of Christopher Reeve, Gene Hackman, & Terence Stamp, as you did in the 12″ line, many collectors are hoping it’s possible for you to produce a 6″ Movie Masters version. We all know it would be great to have a Michael Keaton Batman, in scale, to go with the Christian Bale Movie Masters figure, and of course, a Movie Masters version of Jack Nicholson to go with Heath Ledger. Since the Movie Masters line has become so popular with the Dark Knight & Green Lantern films, will we ever see 6″ figures from other movies?

While we are always exploring concepts like this, we have no plans to expand Superman movie figures into a 6” line at this time.


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  1. Heli

    Hey, my question got asked!

    So, apparently, it's just Wal-Mart that has silly prices. Or, rather, they cut consumers a break on the basic figures, so the four-pack becomes overpriced.

    As for the GBs, I'm kinda shocked the line hasn't already been cancelled, honestly. It'd be nice if they'd make a Janine, but you'll probably have to subscribe and get 5 more repaints of the core 'busters to get her.

  2. Why wouldn't they make 6 inch figures of Chris Reeve and Micheal Keaton? UGH!

  3. Lovable-Bill

    I just think Mattel does not care about 3.75, and people just need to understand that.

  4. muldertp

    Dayraven, I completely get that. What I don’t believe is that there are enough of those people out there to support the line. It seems like a poor business model to me, but I’ve grown more tempered in my collecting as I’ve aged and had to deal with family finances. Asking it that way (but edited to remove the snark) might get some reaction besides the usual.

  5. Mark

    Looking at whats in the market place is not the same as trying to match the quality and standards of those toys. Looking at the DCIH and Green Lantern toys and comparing them to Hasbro, Jakks and Bandai toys you would honestly think they were really cheap knock offs.

  6. muldertp

    Maybe next time someone asks the Ghostbusters accessory question it van be phrased as “do you really see the line continuing if you keep releasing the same figure over and over again with a minor accessory? That doesn’t seem like a viable business model to create an ongoing successful toy line, but rather a way to grab as much quick money as you can before the line crashes.”

    • Well really how long lived can this line be? Of course they've got to milk it for all it's worth if people are going to continue spending money on figures just for a few parts. It's amazing it's lasted beyond the four original Ghostbusters as it is.

  7. Zach

    Also, love the new look!

    • dayraven

      the problem there is homes they're going to answer back honestly and most fans don't want to hear the honest answer. "If you live on a block filled with junkies, and you're the only guy holding… you're the king of the block, aren't you?" i completely get what you're saying, but there are plenty of GB fans who will in fact still buy the one figure for the minor accessory cuz they've "got to have it." the "got to buy it" mentality i've seen all over the net, pertaining to accessories, pertaining to less than choice figures, pertaining to BAF parts, etc… is truly terrifying. there are fans who will dog a property all day long, but will keep buying a line they profess to hate "to get the line deep enough to get the one character i want" or they'll buy a wave of figures they hate because they "have to have that CnC" or whatnot. it's a little terrifying.

    • dayraven

      this was supposed to directed at mulder, sorry. i clicked the wrong reply.

  8. Zach

    Thanks for asking my Q, Poe! It is a bummer that Mattel does not see fit to remedy the lack of accessories for this (and other) lines. Oh, well. I got my core Ghostbusters. I'll just hafta come up with some custom accessories on my own, which I already have with Ray's goggles. Wasn't goinga buy another Ray just for goggles.

  9. Motorthing

    Another month, another nearly-there pile of half-hearted Matty.

    So, answer 2. Yes, they do go out and buy Hasbro products to compare (and probably for their own kids – they couldn't possibly bogart their own as this would seriously take away from the "bottom line" they are always so focused on, plus they wouldn't want them anyway) – but they are damned if they can figure out the witchcraft that goes into making an MU, GI Joe or Star Wars figure.

    My advice is get a job in Insurance – it's much more starightforward.

  10. Snarf! Snarf!

    1)Ugh! This is one of the many reasons why I hate Matty Logic… In order to get proton streams for ALL the GB I must buy 4 no longer available Venkman figures? GB Accessory pack would be like printing money: Repaint of the PKE Meter, Ray's Goggles, 4 Streams, a repainted trap, its light swirl energy thingy, a Repainted Slimer and stand all For $12… But Mattel cannot see it…

    2)They look into them and ignore them completely… I guess that in 10 years we'll see decent articulation on their 3 3/4 toys…

    3)Costs have risen, but Mattel always finds ways to cut corners AND Increase their price before the stores do their own price increase… then chalk it all up to the rising costs.

    4)If the toys weren't overpriced by Mattel in the first place… Some of their recent stuff, sadly, looks like bootleg toys. (GL toys I'm talking about you.)

    5) No BS here… Wow!

  11. Henry

    1) You’ll buy the core four ghostbusters again and you’ll like it!

    2) We see what Hasbro is doing, but we’re content to scrape by in this scale.

    3) Maintain the price at $29.99? The question explicitly mentions that the other figures were cheaper!

    4) Nothing obviously wrong with this answer, but $7.50 is too much for a figure outdone by GI Joes from 1982, let alone the Joes they actually share the shelves with.

    5) Can’t argue with this answer. Direct, to the point and honest. 1/5 isn’t enough to pass the PR class though ‘Matty’.

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